• This is a guide to installing Windows on your Apple Computer via the BootCamp Assistant, the method most GSD student prefer when needing to run Windows.
  • You will first need a copy of Windows if you do not have one already
  • The University offers a $20 Windows Upgrade that can be purchased through their web portal
  • This upgrade is actually a full version of Windows – though you technically should have purchased a full version in the past
  • Navigate to http://computers.harvard.edu  and click on Personal Purchases




  • Under the Savings menu click on the Microsoft Software For Students Only link















  • Click on the Shop Now on the Hub link and you’ll be redirected to a 3rd party reseller of Microsoft software











  • Click on the Student tab where you’ll see the options to purchase the different versions of Windows
  • Windows 8.1 is the newest version, however Windows 7 is still available for purchase, it is a personal preference which one you choose































  • Once you’ve made the purchase you will be able to download the software – remember to save the Product Key and store it somewhere (such as email it to yourself)















  • To initiate the download you’ll first need to install the Download Manager












  •  Once the Download Manager is installed and running, you can choose a version of Windows to download
  • Make sure to choose the 64-bit version of the download – the 32-bit version will not be able to take advantage of your computer hardware!







  •  The download will come with the file extension .img however the Boot Camp Assistant requires an .iso file
  • Simply rename the extension by right-clicking the file and choose Get Info under Name & Extension change .img to .iso 























  • Now that you have your copy of Windows ready, you’ll need to obtain a USB flash drive large enough to hold the installation files (8GB or higher)
  • 8GB flash drives are usually available in the CRG Vending Machine located on the 5th floor of Gund Hall near room 510
  • Warning! The contents of your flash drive will be DELETED during the BootCamp process, do not use a flash drive that contains files you care about!
  • You are now ready to start the Boot Camp Assistant on your Mac from your Applications directory


































  • Once the files are copied to the flash drive, you’ll be able to choose how much space will be dedicated to Windows
  • It is important not to underestimate the amount of space you’ll need for Windows – once you choose this you will not be able to change it after
  • At least 40GB is recommended just for the Windows installation – remember you’ll still need space for your programs and files!
  • If you have the available space we usually recommend dedicating 100GB to Windows to avoid running out of space mid-semester!


  • Once you click Install the Boot Camp assistant should proceed with the installation of Windows, restarting your computer in the process



























  • When prompted to choose a location to install Windows, choose the partition marked as BootCamp
  • Do not touch the other partitions! Only select the one specifically marked as BootCamp!
  • With the BootCamp partition selected, choose Format and click through the confirmation






















  • Windows will now install – taking approximately 30 minutes to complete
  • The final phase of the installation is installing the BootCamp software – which includes installing drivers for hardware like the network adapter and video card
  • This should happen automatically, however if it doesn’t you can apply the drivers manually – navigate into the USB key you used in the previous steps and look for a folder named WindowsSupport (or depending on your computer it may be called “BootCamp”).  Run the Setup.exe application in the folder.


  • Once the BootCamp assistant finishes – the first thing you should do is install all the available Windows Updates and install an Antivirus program
  • Many GSD-provided software will not function correctly unless you install these Updates!