• This is a guide to installing Windows on your Apple Computer via the BootCamp Assistant, the method most GSD student prefer when needing to run Windows.
  • You will first need a copy of Windows if you do not have one already
  • The University offers a $20 Windows Upgrade that can be purchased through their web portal
  • This upgrade is actually a full version of Windows – though you technically should have purchased a full version in the past
  • Navigate to https://harvard.onthehub.com  and click on Personal Purchases



  • Click on the link for on the Hub and you’ll be redirected to a 3rd party reseller of Microsoft software




  • Windows 10 is the newest version and we recommend installing this version on any machine from 2012 to current model. If you have a cd drive built in to your MacBook please make sure to purchase a DVD to burn windows 10 onto the disc.





  • Once you’ve made the purchase you will be able to download the software – remember to save the Product Key and store it somewhere (such as email it to yourself)


  • Make sure to choose the 64-bit version of the download – the 32-bit version will not be able to take advantage of your computer hardware!
  • Now that you have your copy of Windows ready,
  • You can find the Boot Camp Assistant on your Mac in your Applications directory or by searching on your Mac.




It is important not to underestimate the amount of space you’ll need for Windows – once you choose this you will not be able to change it after

At least 100GB is recommended just for the Windows installation – remember you’ll still need space for your programs and files!

If you have the available space we usually recommend dedicating 150GB to Windows to avoid running out of space mid-semester!







  • Windows will now install – taking approximately 30 minutes to complete







     While Boot camp installer is running do not stop it, it will install all the necessary drivers to run Windows on your Mac, like sound and video track pad and keyboard tools. it is a very important step.

     After the computer has finished the install the first thing you should do is install all the available Windows Updates and turn on Windows Firewall and Windows Defender/Security Essentials

  • Many GSD-provided software will not function correctly unless you install these Updates!