The Innovation Task Force (ITF) is a research group, committed to making specific, well-documented recommendations regarding pedagogy and technology used in teaching. We are available to all GSD community members. Visit our website (see link under 'Contact') or use the links below for direct access to some of our resources.


  • Interactive Guidebook (password: itf) – the guidebook gathers research on pedagogy and technology in a split-screen format
  • ITF Office Hours – sign up for office hours with an ITF member to troubleshoot or brainstorm teaching tools and methods
  • Learning Guides – this section compiles a wealth of links to useful resources (from Harvard and beyond) to help navigate Canvas, lecture recording, digital drawing, Miro, Teams, and Zoom
  • Syllabus Checklist – designed for faculty, this checklist contains best practices of syllabus design from education research, tailored to the needs of teaching at the GSD
  • Time Zone Visualizer – if you enter the Boston-based time of your course or event in this tool it visualizes the corresponding global time zones


Sarah Fayad – Irving Innovation Fellow (MLAUD ’20)
Isabella Frontado – Irving Innovation Fellow (MDes ADPD/MLA I ’20)
Hal Gould – Manager of User Services, CRG
Lisa Haber-Thomson – Area Head, History and Philosophy of Design and Media
Gia Jung – Irving Innovation Fellow (March I ’20)
Niall Kirkwood – Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Ian Miley – Irving Innovation Fellow (March I AP ’20)
Sebastian Schmidt Dalzon – Administrative Director, Initiatives and Academic Projects
Ann Whiteside – Librarian/Assistant Dean for Information Services

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