This Month in MDes – April 2021

07-Apr-2021 MDes Office Hours with Maria Vidart-Delgado, Nickolas Chelyapov, Michael T. Wilson (9:00am-12:00pm EDT)

08-Apr-2021 Admitted Student Open House

09-Apr-2021 MDes Office Hours with Gabrielle Patawaran, Michael Degen (9:00-11:00am EDT)

12-Apr-2021 Academic Writing Workshop Part 2, with Tony Cashman (9:00pm EDT)

13-Apr-2021 Zotero basics workshop for thesis (9:15-10:00am EDT)

14-Apr-2021 MDes First-year Track selection info session (10:15am EDT via zoom)

22-Apr-2021 Podcasting 101 workshop (10:00am EDT)

26-Apr-2021 Academic Writing Workshop Part 3, with Tony Cashman (9:00pm EDT)


Looking Ahead:

12-May-2021 MDes Thesis Reviews

27-May-2021 Harvard University Commencement