This year, several spaces are available to MDes students as work and collaboration space.  These spaces and their types are detailed below.  Space has been added and dedicated for the use of MDes students in response to requests from students, and the demonstrated usefulness when spaces have been booked. Please, respect the policies and procedures outlined below so these spaces remain dedicated to MDes.

7 Sumner Road, Room 402

This room is available to MDes as a collaborative workspace around the existing painting/drawing course schedule in the Fall and Spring semesters.  Priority of use is given to MDes students outside of the officially scheduled class time of Wednesdays 5:00 pm – 8:00pm and Thursdays 8:00 am – 12:00 pm during the Spring 2018 term.

  • Students, instructors and/or TAs for drawing/painting course are responsible for setting up for class, and then for cleaning up and putting art furniture back into storage position.
  • Diagrams showing room set-ups for both MDes use and art class use are posted on the wall. The right side of the room should remain set up for MDes use, the left is intended for art class use, with the set up for the center of the room determined by current use.
  • MDes students should post a notice on the wall/door in advance of any times that they will need to use the entire room as collaboration space so that painting/drawing students know when the room will not be available.  The room is not available to reserve for private use.
  • Students officially enrolled in drawing/painting classes may use the room to work outside of classroom hours, if MDes students have not posted a notification.
  • Art class students should use the designated area in the left side of room and should set up and clean up after themselves.  Paintings and drawings may be left on the walls on the left side of the room.  Only students enrolled in art courses and MDes students may use this space.  No independent study or other students.
  • When not collaborating, MDes students should keep the center of the room clear of furniture, putting extra tables/chairs into storage position.
  • The room is accessible via ID swipe.
  • The room is equipped with a b/w printer, pin-up boards, an LCD screen, tables, and chairs. Please be respectful of the equipment.
  • The room is NOT to be used as a project room as it is not appropriately equipped for this type of work and no safety sprinklers or systems are in place.
  • Please be respectful and accommodating to one another so both groups may continue to use this room.
  • If you have issues or questions, contact:
    Fall 2017 2446 TAs: Zhixing Fei, or Tianhui Hou,
    MDes student representative: Charles Newman,
    ASP staff: Margaret Moore de Chicojay,

40 Kirkland Street:

40K Break Room (Room 1H) Shared flex space

The “break room” or kitchen in 40 Kirkland, first floor, can make an excellent meeting space.  It has a large round table and 6 chairs, as well as a comfy sofa.  Though not bookable or private, this space is great for ad hoc meetings.

40K Basement Work spaces

Two project rooms are available in the basement:

  • Room LLA for those in Art Design and the Public Domain
  • Room LLG for students in the Technology concentration.
  • These rooms may be used for project building and work-in-progress may be left in them.  Access is via key code, supplied to students in the corresponding area by the ASP office.
  • To dispose of large materials that may not easily fit in a trash can, you may leave them in the hallway between the two rooms.  This also means that you should not leave anything there that is not trash.
  • Please keep the rooms clean and tidy out of respect for your fellow students.
  • These rooms will be completely cleaned out by June 1 of each year.  They are not available for summer use or storage.

40K Lockers

A number of lockers are available in 40K in Room 1J on the first floor near the Break Room, and in the basement Room LLC (access via the Break Room) for storage of your personal items.

  • Lockers are not assigned – they are first-come/first-served.
  • Bring your own padlock.
  • Lockers must be emptied at the end of the school year.  You cannot leave items in storage over the summer.

40K Resource Room (Room 2A) Computer Workstations

Located on the second floor of 40K, the Resource Room contains four apple computer workstations, a color printer, and a flat-bed scanner.

  • The Resource Room is accessible 24/7 to all GSD students. Entrance to 40 Kirkland is via ID swipe at the door.
  • Workstations are first-come/first-served.