MDes Room Use Policies and Procedures 2018-19
40 Kirkland Street – “MDes House”
485 Broadway (Sackler Building)


This year, space has been added and dedicated for MDes use in response to requests from students. These spaces, located in 40 Kirkland and the Sackler Building, are available to MDes students as work, collaboration, project, and storage space, as detailed below. Please respect the policies and procedures outlined below. It is expected that MDes students will work together to address any usage issues as they arise. Suggested improvements to spaces and concerns should be channeled through the MDes Student Forum representative, Kenner Carmody.

NEW in Spring 2019!
485 Broadway (Sackler Building) Room 221 MDes Thesis Maker Space

  • This room is available to second-year MDes Thesis students.
  • The room is furnished with work tables and chairs.
  • Individual workspaces will not be assigned. Please be respectful and maintain your belongings in a way that maximizes space usage. Priority for large worktable surfaces should go to thesis “makers.”
  • The room contains a projection space with 2 ceiling-mounted projectors and drop-down screens.
  • 21 individual lockers and 16 individual filing cabinets are available. Keys will be distributed by ASP.
  • Nearby, Room 224 contains copiers, printers, and plotters maintained by GSD’s CRG and FabLab.
  • Access to the Sackler second floor is via ID swipe: GSD Community has access 24/7.

40 Kirkland 3A/3B and 3C/3D Collaboration space

  • These rooms are available to MDes students as collaborative workspaces.
  • The rooms are furnished to provide both individual workspaces and small group workspaces for meetings and collaboration.
  • Each room is equipped with an LCD screen and a variety of workspaces, shelving, tables, and chairs.
  • Individual desks will not be assigned. Please be respectful and maintain your belongings in a way that maximizes space usage.
  • You may use the bookshelves that line the walls of each room for temporary storage of books and materials. Maintain your belongings in a respectful way that allows use for all.
  • The room is NOT appropriately equipped to be used as a project room.
  • The building is accessible via ID swipe. The individual rooms are accessible via key code. 

40 Kirkland Break Room 1H Shared meeting space

  • The first floor kitchen can also be used as an ad hoc meeting space.
  • The room is equipped with a large round table and 6 chairs, as well as soft seating.
  • There is a mini-fridge, microwave, toaster oven, and filtered hot/cold water dispenser.
  • The room is not bookable or private.

40 Kirkland Lockers (Rooms 1J and LLC) Storage space

  • Room 1J, located on the first floor near the Break Room, contains 16 lockers.
  • Room LLC in the basement (access via keycode through the Break Room) contains 24 lockers and open shelves. Maintain your belongings in a respectful way that allows use for all.
  • Lockers are available on a first-come/first-served basis and are not assigned.
  • Bring your own padlock.
  • If space is limited, shared use is encouraged.
  • Lockers and shelves must be emptied at the end of the school year. Locks will be cut and items may be discarded over the summer.
  • (Additional lockers in Gund Hall are available on a first-come/first-served basis.) 

40 Kirkland Basement LLA and LLG Work spaces

  • Two project rooms are available in the basement. These rooms may be used for active project work.
  • Works in progress may remain if they are clearly labelled and left in a way that enables other students to use the space for projects.
  • Please keep the rooms clean and tidy and dispose of food and beverage containers in the break room out of respect for your fellow students.
  • Large materials that do not easily fit in a trash can be left in the hallway between the two rooms for disposal. Do not leave anything there that is not trash.
  • Students should not use these spaces for storage of completed projects or materials that are not in use. See storage options above.
  • Spray paint and other aerosols, and any other substance that produces obnoxious or hazardous emissions must be used outdoors, at least 25 feet away from all buildings and occupied areas, or in a spray booth. No open flames or flammable materials allowed.  Please see GSD Fab Lab for resources available to students,
  • These rooms will be completely cleaned out by June 1 of each year. They are not available for summer use or storage.

40 Kirkland Computer Resources

  • A computer workstation and flatbed scanner are located on the third floor of 40K. This workstation is first-come/first-served.
  • Do not use this workstation for rendering. See
  • Two printers, COLOR-40KIRKLAND and LASER-40KIRKLAND, are located on the second floor hallway. Your Papercut account will be charged for use of these printers.
  • Any issues with the equipment should be reported to the CRG Help Desk in Gund Hall at 617-496-3810 or


For building maintenance issues at both 485 Broadway and 40 Kirkland, please use the GSD online work order form for tracking purposes: Facilities Work Order Request.