Spring 2021 first meetings for Full-term and M1 option studios will take place at 7:30am and 7:30 PM (EST) on Wednesday, January 20, (or after the results are posted, whichever is later).

Students must refer to their course Canvas site for the link to attend their first meeting. 

Classes begin on Friday, January 22.

Studio Title Critic(s) First meeting
1316 The American Brick in Arcadia Mark Lee, Hanif Kara 7:30pm (EST) 01/20
1317 INTUITION AND THE MACHINE George L. Legendre 7:30am (EST) 01/20
1318 Midtown, Midrise, Mid-door Christopher C.M. Lee 7:30am (EST) 01/20
1319 BRIDGE WHERE YOU ARE: The Anamorphic Double Grace La 7:30pm (EST) 01/20
1320 Small institutions Roger Tudó Galí, Josep Ricart Ulldemolins, Xavier Ros Majó 7:30am (EST) 01/20
1321 Fudo/Umwelt. Devising Transformative Environments in Japan Mohsen Mostafavi 7:30pm (EST) 01/20
1322 [M1] Temporary and Ephemeral Structures Toshiko Mori 7:30pm (EST) 01/20
1323 [M1] Parkitecture at Pullman Jeanne Gang 7:30pm (EST) 01/20
1324 [M1] The Black New Deal Bryan Lee TBD
1325 [M2] Porches, Portals and Passageways Sharon Johnston TBD
1326 [M2] Cancel Architecture II Preston Scott Cohen TBD
1327 [M2] Underground Matthew Au, Mira Henry TBD
1409 TAR CREEK REMADE Niall Kirkwood 7:30pm (EST) 01/20
1410 Away…Offshore…Adrift… Shifting Landscapes, Unstable Futures Chris Reed 7:30pm (EST) 01/20
1411 SHADING SUNSET: Reimagining the Streets of Los Angeles for a Warmer Future Charles Waldheim 7:30am & 7:30pm (EST) 01/20
1504 SAO PAULO REACTION: TAMANDUATEÍ RIVER MOUTH Cristiane Muniz, Fernando Viegas 7:30am (EST) 01/20
1505 Xiamen Studio. Merging urban development and natural landscape. Joan Busquets 7:30am (EST) 01/20
1506 Building Respect on San Francisco’s Third Street John Rahaim 7:30pm (EST) 01/20
1507 DIVIDING BRIDGES & BRIDGING DIVIDES. A studio on infrastructures and their consequences Heinrich Wolff 7:30am (EST) 01/20
1602 FRINGE CITIES: The legacies and future of renewal in the small American city Michael Murphy 7:30am (EST) 01/20
1603 Quo Vadis, Addis? Manufacturing-led Urbanization in Ethiopia – Empower Design! Marc Angélil 7:30am (EST) 01/20
1604 Below and Beyond: Imagining the future of underground infrastructure at Harvard Square Jungyoon Kim 7:30pm (EST) 01/20

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