Dean Sarah Whiting will offer her welcoming remarks in Piper Auditorium promptly at 9 am, after which Rahul Mehrotra, host of the Option Studio Lottery Presentations, will open the presentations.

Please be on time and in your seat no later than 8:55 am. Thank you

Time Studio Title Critic(s) Department
9:10am 1408 THAILAND REMADE: Lower Chao Phraya Flood Plain, Pathum Thani and the Technological Imagination Niall Kirkwood,
Landscape Architecture
9:20am 1316 Generic Specificity Sharon Johnston,
Mark Lee
9:30am 1506 The Dam Studio: Climate Change Along the Mystic Nathalie Beauvais Urban Planning and Design
9:40am 1313 Block Blob Mat Slab Slat: Art Spaces George L. Legendre Architecture
9:50am 1601 TAISHAN: Designing for China's Rural Cosmopolitan Elaine Kwong,
David Rubin,
Kathryn Firth
Landscape Architecture,  Urban Planning and Design
10:00am 1314 Béton Brut and Beyond Jeanne Gang,
Anika Schwarzwald
10:10am 1508 After Amazon – What's Next for LIC? Michael Samuelian Urban Planning and Design
10:20am 1410 GET READY HOLYOKE!  Climate Preparedness 2050. Martha Schwartz,
Paola Sturla
Landscape Architecture
10:30am 1315 Making Next to Forest Toshiko Mori Architecture
10:40am 1507 Rocket City: The US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL David Gamble Urban Planning and Design
10:50am 1318 Geometry, Order, and Mannerism Oliver Lütjens, Thomas Padmanabhan Architecture
11:00am 1319 Sic. Building Syndrome¹ Thomas Kelley,
Carrie Norman
11:10am 1409 SMO PARK + / Climate Infrastructure, Arid Landscape Chris Reed Landscape Architecture
11:20am 1509 PUBLIC FIGURE/PRIVATE GROUND:  Redevelopment of the FBI Site in Washington, DC Thomas Luebke Urban Planning and Design
11:30am 1602 Neuralisms Shenzhen: Fictions of Type and Territory Robert Pietrusko, Andrew Witt Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning and Design
11:40am 1317 Mass Timber and the Scandinavian Effect Jennifer Bonner, Hanif Kara Architecture
11:50am 1407 Rewilding Seoul: Lost Nature and New Wilderness Jungyoon Kim,
Yoon-Jin Park
Landscape Architecture
12:00pm 1505 Osaka. World Expos as Transformative Engine Joan Busquets,
Dingliang Yang
Urban Planning and Design
12:10pm 1312 King Tut's Skull Mack Scogin, Merrill Elam, Helen Han Architecture

Updated 01/15/2020