Not all students in all programs will possess the capabilities necessary to undertake certain projects that may be proposed by critics. This information should be taken into consideration when you rank your choices on the lottery ballot. Please note that appropriate background means that you are currently enrolled in a degree program in this discipline, or previously obtained a degree in this discipline. Failure to select studios that you are eligible for will result in you being randomly assigned in a studio in which you are eligible.

Below are the backgrounds necessary for Fall 2021 Option Studios.

This information is updated as the the lottery draws near. Please check back before making your selections.

Studio Title Instructor Appropriate Background
1301 Between Wilderness and Civilization: Monson, Maine Mori A
1302 Beauty Of Knowledge – American (ir)regularity Lapierre A
1303 Architecture for Statehood Cohen A, LA, UD
1304 De/constructing Cultural Tourism – Ke Zhan (Traveler’s Rest Stop) Case Study Neri, Hu A, UD
1305 The Primitive Hut Christ, Gantenbein A
1306 Well-being: The function of a 21st century urban residential block Moussavi A, LA, UD
1307 ROOM Witte A
1308 Miami Remix Whittaker, Zehngbot A, LA, UD
1309 [M1] The Third Space Henry A, LA, UD
1310 [M1] WINDOW WALL Pezo, von Ellrichshausen A
1311 [M2] Designing for the DNA of a Place Kamara TBD
1312 [M2] Specific Ambiguity: The Well-Tempered grid Restrepo Ochoa A, LA, UD
1401 ‘AQUA INCOGNITA:’ Deciphering Liquid Territories in the Mexican Altiplano Bello Gómez A, LA, UD
1402 The Immeasurable Enclosure Lopez-Pineiro A, LA, UD
1403 ENTO: Design for Insects Wirth A, LA, UD, UP
1404 Harnessing the Future Oslund/Murray A, LA, UD, UP
1405 Seeking Abundance: Designing Engagement and Experience for All Bainbridge A, LA, UD
1501 Extending and mending Thamesmead: re-envisioning the town of tomorrow, today Firth A, LA, UD, UP
1502 Highways Revisited D'Oca A, LA, UD, UP
1503 History, Boundaries and the Future ? Conservation and Infill in Boston?s Chinatown Fixler A, UD, UP
1601 Great Migration and Memorial Highway: Culture Heritage as Inspiration in New Rochelle Ford, Sinclair A, LA, UD, UP
1602 Planning a Piece of a City, The Architectural Form of the Neighborhood Lampugnani A, LA, UD, UP

Updated 08/25/2021