Not all students in all programs will possess the capabilities necessary to undertake certain projects that may be proposed by critics. This information should be taken into consideration when you rank your choices on the lottery ballot. Please note that appropriate background means that you are currently enrolled in a degree program in this discipline, or previously obtained a degree in this discipline. Failure to select studios that you are eligible for will result in you being randomly assigned in a studio in which you are eligible.

Below are the backgrounds necessary for Spring 2020 Option Studios:

Studio Title Critic(s) Appropriate Background
1312 KING TUT'S SKULL Mack Scogin, Merrill Elam, Helen Han A
1313 Block Blob Mat Slab Slat: Art Spaces George L. Legendre A, UD
1314 Béton Brut and Beyond Jeanne Gang, Anika Schwarzwald A
1315 Making Next to Forest Toshiko Mori A
1316 Generic Specificity Sharon Johnston, Mark Lee A
1317 Mass Timber and the Scandinavian Effect Jennifer Bonner, Hanif Kara A, UD
1318 Geometry, Order, and Mannerism Oliver Luetjens, Thomas Padmanabhan A
1319 Sic. Building Syndrome¹ Thomas Kelley, Carrie Norman A
1407 Rewilding Seoul Jungyoon Kim, Yoon-Jin Park A, LA, UD
1408 THAILAND REMADE: Lower Chao Phraya Flood Plain, Pathum Thani and the Technological Imagination Niall Kirkwood, Kotchakorn Vora-akhom A, LA, UD
1409 SMO PARK + / Climate Infrastructure, Arid Landscape Chris Reed A, LA, UD
1410 GET READY HOLYOKE! Climate Preparedness 2050 Martha Schwartz, Paola Sturla A, LA, UD, UP
1505 Osaka. World Expos as Transformative Engine: Potentials for the Regular City Joan Busquets, Dingliang Yang A, UD
1506 The Dam Studio: Climate Change Along the Mystic Nathalie Beauvais A, LA, UD, UP
1507 ROCKET CITY: Envisioning a future for the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL David Gamble A, LA, UD, UP
1508 After Amazon – What's Next for LIC? Michael Samuelian A, LA, UD, UP
1509 PUBLIC FIGURE/PRIVATE GROUND: Redevelopment of the FBI Site in Washington, DC Thomas Luebke A, LA, UD
1601 Taishan: Designing for China’s Rural Cosmopolitan Elaine Kwong, David Rubin, Kathryn Firth A, LA, UD, UP
1602 Neuralisms Shenzhen: Fictions of Type and Territory Andrew Witt, Robert Pietrusko A, LA, UD

Updated 01/15/2020