The costs associated with Spring 2020 Option Studio site visits are listed below (subject to change):

Studio Critic(s) Site Location  Site visit information
1312 Mack Scogin, Merrill Elam, Helen Han Students will have separate programs and sites No trip.
1313 George L. Legendre Montreal, Canada* 2/13-2/15. $100 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1314 Jeanne Gang,
Anika Schwarzwald
Paris, France* 2/9-2/15. $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1315 Toshiko Mori Asahikawa and Tokyo, Japan* 2/7-2/16. $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1316 Sharon Johnston, Mark Lee Los Angeles, CA 2/12-2/15. $200 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1317 Jennifer Bonner, Hanif Kara Raleigh, NC with trip to Stockholm, Sweden* 2/8-2/16. $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1318 Oliver Luetjens,
Thomas Padmanabhan
Cambridge, MA site with trip to Philadelphia, PA 3/17-3/20. $100 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1319 Thomas Kelley, Carrie Norman Tulsa, OK 2/6-2/9. $150 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1407 Jungyoon Kim,
Yoon-Jin Park
Seoul, South Korea* 2/15-2/23. $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1408 Niall Kirkwood,
Kotchakorn Vora-akhom
Bangkok, Thailand* 2/8-2/16. $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1409 Chris Reed Santa Monica and Los Angeles, CA 3/16-3/20. $200 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1410 Martha Schwartz,
Paola Sturla
Holyoke, MA site & trip, with a day trip to New York, NY** 2/17-2/21 to Holyoke. 2/22 to New York. Cost will be meals and incidentals.
1505 Joan Busquets,
Dingliang Yang
Osaka, Japan* 3/20-3/27. $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1506 Nathalie Beauvais Mystic River, MA Local site.
1507 David Gamble U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Huntsville, AL 2/9-2/13. $150 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1508 Michael Samuelian New York, NY** 2/10-2/13. Cost to students will be meals and incidentals.
1509 Thomas Luebke Washington, DC 2/9-2/12. $100 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1601 Elaine Kwong, David Rubin, Kathryn Firth Taishan, China* 2/22-3/1. $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.
1602 Andrew Witt,
Robert Pietrusko
Shenzhen, China; Hong Kong* 2/15-2/22. $300 (term-billed) plus meals and incidentals.

Please note that the information above is subject to change.

Last updated 01/24/2020

* Students selected for traveling international studios should immediately proceed with getting their visas. Please note, if the studio is traveling in the first two-three weeks of the term and you need a visa to travel, it is likely that you will not be able to go on the trip. Please select accordingly.

** Students will be reimbursed up to $75 for travel costs.

Please contact Harvard Global Support Services if you have questions about visas:

All studio trips are subject to security and safely considerations and may be cancelled at the last minute.

All students who lottery in to traveling studios, domestic and international, should bring a copy of their passport to the first meeting on Thursday night.

For more information about studio travel, see GSD Travel Safety and Guidelines.