Photo Lab Sign-up

The GSD Photo Lab is currently located in Gund Hall, Room L41. This space is also shared with the Fabrication Lab for various purposes, so please be respectful. The room is furnished with black and white backdrop paper, as well as a Manfrotto Mini Salon which can function as a tripod. Two LED lights are also deployed in the space. Cameras, tripod plates, and additional LED lighting kits are available to be checked out from the Loeb Library Circulation Desk on a first come, first serve basis.

The room itself can be reserved at the link below. While the space is typically open 24/7, an individual may only have a maximum two 1-hour reservations booked at a time.

Sign-up to use the PhotoLab

Photo Lab Rules

1. Leave the room how you found it (clean up after yourself please). Do not, under any circumstances, remove equipment from the Photo Lab without permission.
2. No food or drink in the Photo Lab.
3. Do not leave models in the Photo Lab. Any models left in the room for more than 24 hours will be disposed of without notice.
4. No not waste the backdrop paper. Avoid letting it touch the floor. Neatly cut and recycle any soiled paper.
If you have any questions or comments, please contact