Print Jobs Disappearing

If your print jobs seem to disappearing into a black hole you may be locked out due to a bad password saved on one of your computers or your credential may not be known to the network at all. If you have recently changed your password, you will need to remove any saved passwords you have on any of your desktop or laptop computers. To do this, do a Search on your computer for Manage Network Passwords to open the Windows Credential Manager.


Look for any entries in the list that have your HarvardKey account information saved, they will most likely be associated with GSDPrint

Remove the entries if they already exist (or add them if they don't) and then reboot your computer. You can reconnect to these resources and save your current password after you log in.

Flattening a Complex PDF File

CRG recommends Printing to PDF via the Adobe PDF Printer that is installed with Adobe Acrobat rather than Exporting or Saving to PDF from applications like Illustrator or InDesign. This is the first step in reducing the complexity of your document. However, even printing to PDF retains layers, text and font information, and other metadata that is not relevant to printing. To create a print-friendly PDF it is best to flatten the file as much as possible, removing much of this metadata.

If your PDF file takes a long time to open, and you can see each layer being drawn on your screen as it opens, it is a good indication that you will have trouble printing it. Here are a few techniques to printing a complex PDF

Print as Image

The quickest and easiest solution is to print the PDF as an image through the Print Dialogue box

Select the printer then click Advanced


From the Advanced Print Setup box, select Print As Image and then print the document

Adobe Acrobat


Adobe Reader


Sanitize PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe offers a feature in newer versions of Acrobat called Sanitize Document

This feature is designed to remove hidden personal information from a document before it is distributed

A nice side-effect of this process is that it creates a much flatter version of a PDF that is easier to print



Letter on Tabloid

If you have a document you need printed on the larger Tabloid (11×17) paper, but the document's dimensions are not tabloid – i.e. it is Letter-sized (8.5×11) and you want to scale the prints to fit the entire page – the settings to do this might not be obvious.

Once you select a color printer, make sure Choose Paper Source by PDF Page Size is NOT selected! If it is, your print size will be determined by the PDF's dimensions.. we need to override that.  Then click on Properties to access the printer features

printing on 11x17 1

Under Paper select Other Size.. Note: Tabloid is an option, but we do not want to select it here!

printing on 11x17 2

This menu will give us the option to select an Output Paper Size – set this to Tabloid (11×17)  Set the Scale Option to Automatically Scale so it will scale according to the original size  You can also specify the Original Document as well

printing on 11x17 3

Click OK to accept these settings and return to the original Print dialog box and try to print your file!

Resources required…

Have you ever seen this error message when trying to use our Laser Jet printers?  This will happen when the document you are trying to print is requiring a size or a paper type that is not loaded in the printer.  For example, legal paper or card stock, or any of the dimensions based on ISO standards.  Our paper sizes are based on American standards (e.g. Letter = 8.5 x 11 inches).  Sending your document with ISO dimensions (like A4 or A5) will result in a ‘resources required' error message.