How do I install a printer?
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How much does printing cost?
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How do I use the plotter?
Information about preparing CAD and graphic design files for large format printing can be found on the How to Plot page.

How do I check my transaction history?
Check your Transaction History using PaperCut. Please Note: This is an internal site and can only be accessed remotely with a vpn connection

Review Printing Tips and Known Issues
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Where are printers located in Gund Hall?

Black & White Laser Jets (all HP M806): Laser-2North, Laser-2Central, Laser-2South, Laser-3North, Laser-3Central, Laser-3South, Laser-4North, Laser-4Central, Laser-4South, Laser-LL (Located at Help Desk)
Color Laser Jets (all Xerox Phaser 7800x) Color-2Central, Color-3Central, Color-4Central, Color-LL (Located at Help Desk)
Large Format: Three Oce ColorWave 500s are located in 3rd Tray ‘Plotting Farm', One Oce ColorWave 500 in L19 (Help Desk), One HP PageWide 4500 in L19 (Help Desk), One HP DesignJet ‘load your own paper' in 3rd floor lounge, One HP DesignJet ‘load your own paper' in the 4th floor lounge