Where are all the Scanners?  
Here is a guide to the different type of scanners and where they are located.

  • Flat Bed Scanners
    Quantity: 3
    Perfect for Documents, Illustrations and Photos
    Max 12-inches x 18-inches
    Current locations include:  2-South Tray, Room L15c (near rear entrance to PhD. room), 40 Kirkland St. (3rd Floor Hallway)
  • High Resolution Book Scanners
    Quantity: 4
    Perfect for books and readings
    All located in Frances Loeb Library (2) Bookeye Scanners, one located behind Circulation Desk (2) Spirit Scanners located in open floor space on South end of Lower Level
  • Large Format Scanning
    Quantity: 1
    Can Scan up to 42-inches wide
    Located in the 2nd Floor Lounge
    *See Help Desk for Scanning Wallet