While you are a student at the GSD, you will be assigned an email address.

Your GSD email address is of the form jdoe23@gsd.harvard.edu, usually a combination of your first initial and your last name, possibly with a number appended. These names are automatically assigned and cannot be changed, except in exceptional cases (such as when the combination is truly objectionable, or etc.) and only by petition to the Director of Computer Resources.

This email address is a forwarding service. Anything sent to your GSD email alias will be forwarded to the personal email account. Incoming students will receive their GSD email ‘alias’ in August, as part of the registration process.

You are responsible for maintaining your personal email account; managing your email passwords, quotas, security etc. is all done with your email provider, not the GSD.

Some Email providers may allow you to send email from your forwarded address, though the availability and process varies from provider to provider and therefore is not officially supported by Computer Resources.

A few major providers that currently provide this service are Yahoo Mail, Outlook.com, and Gmail – though the Gmail method requires a few more steps than the others.

Yahoo Mail Follow the directions under ‘Adding your other email accounts’
Gmail Follow the directions under ‘Sending mail from your forwarded email address’

Mailing Lists

You are automatically subscribed to the official student-announce mailing list which is used by the administration to communicate important messages. Please contact the Help Desk if you suspect that you’re not receiving announcements.

Please Note: You can only receive messages from the student-announce mailing list you cannot post to the student-announce mailing list.

Fellow-students is an ‘unofficial’ mailing list which students can post and respond to. Fellow-Students is a GSD Student Forum initiative and GSD Students will be automatically subscribed at the start of each school year with the option of opting out at any time.

How do I forward my email after graduation?

Check out: post.harvard, a lifetime email forward ing service offered by the Harvard Alumni Association.

EMail Security and Privacy

In general, EMail is a potentially insecure medium, and should not be used for transmittal of confidential information, or any message you would not wish to see posted on a public bulletin board or accidentally sent to the wrong person (this latter happens regularly!)