A student's bill for attending the GSD, also referred to as the term bill, can be accessed on the Student Receivables Office website. Instructions about how to pay a bill are also available on that page.  Bills are generated monthly, beginning in July prior to a students' first semester.

The billing statement for the approaching fall semester includes the following:

  • Charges/Expenses
  • Tuition, health and activity fees
  • Housing/Meal Plans (if Harvard affiliated)
  • Library fines, missed health appointment fees, printing and plotting charges
  • Refunds
  • Credits/Payments
  • Payments, including your tuition deposit
  • Anticipated aid (if applicable)
  • Reversed fees or fines

Term bill expenses are charged according to enrollment. If a student is attending for a full academic year (9 months), half of that amount will be charged for each of the two semesters.

Financial aid and the bill

If a student is receiving financial aid, that aid will be reflected on the bill.

For most students, aid credits will be applied to the e-bill in two equal disbursements, once in the fall and once in the spring.  Students whose aid exceeds their term bill charges may receive a refund after they have registered.

What do I do with my bill?

Any amount due must be paid. Students whose aid does not cover their bill will have to pay the balance due by the bill deadline or they will not be cleared to register. Once a student has enrolled, they are expected to resolve any balance due monthly, either during the semester or during the summer. Similarly, students who are finishing their degree can only be cleared for graduation once their bill has been paid in full.

If your Amount Due is $0, you do not need to do anything.  Those who have a credit after aid is factored in will be given a refund for the credit balance.

The Monthly Payment Plan

The terms of this plan allow you to pay any balance due over the four months of the semester. A per-semester application fee (currently $35) will be added as a charge on your Term Bill if you decide to take advantage of this plan. Prior semester balances will not be incorporated into the payment plan and must be paid immediately. Aid is subtracted from the balance before the payments are calculated. Participants are expected to make their monthly payments on time, or they may lose access to the plan in the future. To sign up, call the Student Accounts Office at 617-495-2739.

Harvard Affiliated Housing/Rent Charges on Term Bill

Most students who live in Harvard Housing will have their rent charged as a monthly expense on their Term Bill. Those students are expected to pay their rent as it posts each month. Students who do not keep up with their monthly rent payments may be denied lease renewal options in the future. If you are charged rent on your Term Bill during the summer, that must be paid out-of- pocket as it cannot be paid for with financial aid.