User Accounts (1) HarvardKey is Harvard University’s unified online user credential. To manage your HarvardKey visit
(2) The GSD Account is a local account issued by the GSD Help Desk. This account is for Design School resources (i.e. printing and file sharing on the GSD Network).  Click here to reset your GSD password.
Printers Studio Printing Tutorial Updated for Fall 2016!
New and returning students are required to complete this Tutorial before printing in color (this includes large format as well as the Xerox Color Laser Jets). Please allow up to 30 minutes for course completions to be acknowledged.  Next, learn how to install printers and view your transaction history in PaperCut.  Other valuable printing resources include instructional plotting videos for large format printing, pricing and known issues to try and avoid.
Installing Software The GSD provides a large collection of software for GSD Students to install on their personal computers. This software can be downloaded from our File Server (named Goliath). Note: Many applications have unique installation instructions involving network licenses and user registrations.   AutoCAD | Rhino | VRay | ArcGIS | BootCamp |
Server Access Goliath is the file server where you will find shared files including Software Installers and Course Folders. Click here for instructions to create a ‘shortcut’ connection to Goliath. Please Note: Remote access to Goliath requires VPN Service
VPN VPN (Virtual Private Networking) is a service that allows remote access to internal resources. For example, with a VPN connection, you can run network licensed GSD Software and access your GSD Course folders on Goliath.  All GSD Students are automatically provisioned for VPN Service.  Click Here for installation instructions
Email GSD Students are provided with an email “alias” which redirects your incoming messages to a mailbox of your choice. Click here for more information…
TA Registration GSD Teaching Assistants (TA) help faculty prepare course materials and provide logistical support for coursework, lectures, room scheduling, etc. If you are a TA Click here to register and receive important communications and information regarding your role as a Teaching Assistant.
Computer Labs (1) The Harvard MIT Data Center is next to Gund Hall in the CGIS Knafel Building.  Here you will find a state of the art, open 24×7 computer lab.  Software applications include Adobe Creative Cloud, ArcGIS, Rhino, Grasshopper, AutoCAD, 3D Studio and Microsoft Office.
(2) The GSD Help Desk maintains a variety of computer clusters containing a wider range of design software.  Click here for more detailed information about Computer Labs.

Please Note: unattended rendering is not allowed in the computer labs. Please visit Help Desk for information on our cloud rendering services.