Building on a long and celebrated relationship between the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and contemporary Japanese architecture, the Tokyo Summer Workshop offers a select group of Harvard GSD students and faculty the unique opportunity to work in tandem with university students in Tokyo to examine an architecture linked with issues of nature where the relationship between architecture and social issues of culture and remembrance is addressed.

Sponsored by the Dean’s Office in conjunction with the Architecture and Urban Design program at Meiji University, the week-long workshop includes returning GSD students, nominated by their Program Directors, who represent the design skills, communicative abilities, and intellectual spirit of of the GSD to form a diverse and collaborative cohort sent on behalf of the school. They participate and help instruct in an intensive charrette alongside Meiji students from Japan and across the region.

2019 (with Sergio Lopez-Pineiro)
Andy Lee, MLA
Dohyun Lee, MArch
Jimmy Pan, MDes
Soledad Patino, MAUD
Mia Zaidan, MDE

2018 (with Sergio Lopez-Pineiro)
Amy Friedlander, MUP
Lindsey Krug, MArch
Danica Liongson, MLA
Evan Shieh, MAUD
Kiran Wattamwar, MDE

2017 (with Mark Mulligan)
Rekha Aguste-Nelson, MArch
Tami Banh, MArch, MLA
Teddy Kofman, MAUD
Lane Raffaldini Rubin, MArch, MLA
Enol Vallina Fernandez, MDes

2016 (with Mark Mulligan)
Dana McKinney, MArch, MUP
James Murray, MArch
Ruben Segovia, MArch
Andrea Soto, MLA
Jessy Yang, MAUD

2015 (w/o faculty participation)
Grga Basic, MDes
Joshua Feldman, MArch
Ben Halpern, MArch
Royce Perez, MArch
Clayton Strange, MAUD