The Master in Urban Planning (MUP) program curriculum is taught by faculty from the Department of Urban Planning and Design, and also by a variety of visiting faculty as well as faculty from Harvard Kennedy School who teach courses cross-listed at GSD.

Core faculty in the Urban Planning program include full-time professors and part-time professors in practice, who typically teach a required planning class or have a substantial role in a planning concentration. Other faculty teaching courses in Planning include those in other programs and part-time lecturers and critics who contribute to GSD-listed classes of substantial interest to planners such as basic classes in concentrations.

For a list of planning faculty office hours, click here.

Core faculty teaching courses in Planning

Sai Balakrishnan
Eve Blau
Joan Busquets
Diane Davis
Daniel D’Oca
Ann Forsyth
Stephen Gray
Toni L. Griffin
Michael Hooper
Jerold S. Kayden
Alex Krieger
Rahul Mehrotra 
Richard Peiser
Peter Rowe 
Carole Voulgaris
Bing Wang

Other faculty teaching GSD courses in Planning

Frank Apeseche
Dilip da Cunha
Kathryn Firth
David Gamble
Thomas Glynn
Michael Haroz
Bennett Hecht
Brie Hensold
Christopher Herbert
Matthew Kiefer
Edward Marchant
Lily Song
Kathy Spiegelman
Abby Spinak
James Stockard
Adam Tanaka
Renee Tapp
Alexander von Hoffman