For students entering Fall 2018

First Year

2 units          GSD 6121        Environmental Systems 1 (module 1)
2 units          GSD 6122        Environmental Systems 2 (module 2)
2 units          GSD 6125        Building Simulation (module 1)***
2 units          GSD 6126        Materials (module 2)
24 units        Electives or Distributional Electives*

Second Year

Three Semester Track:
16 units        Electives or Distributional Electives*


Four Semester Thesis Track:
16 units        Electives or Distributional Electives*
8 units          GSD 9304        Independent Thesis for the Degree Master in Design Studies

*Students are required to take a minimum of 8 units from an approved list of distributional electives.

Distributional Electives

SES-5370  Environment, Economics, Enterprise**
SES-5364  Sustainable Real Estate**
SES-5371  Critical Perspectives in Environmental Planning
SCI-6323  BROWNFIELDS: Remediation and Regeneration Practices
SCI-6333  Water, Land-Water Linkages, and Aquatic Ecology
SCI-6473  Architectural Acoustics (2 units)
SCI-6480  LIT: A Survey and Design Research Seminar of Architectural Lighting (2 units)***
# TBD Building Human Interaction

Other Recommended Courses

DES-3348 The Idea of Environment
SES-5206 Land Use and Environmental Law
SCI-6338 Introduction to Computational Design***
SCI-6477 Nano Micro Macro: Adaptive Material Laboratory
ES-231 or 229 (at SEAS) Energy Technology or Survey of Energy Technology
# TBD (at Law School) Climate Solutions Living Lab
MIT 4.432/4.433 Modeling Urban Energy Flows for Resilient Cities and Neighborhoods***
MIT 4.s46 Energy in Buildings – Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems for Low-Carbon Buildings

*Please note that this list is subject to change as course offerings for future semesters have not been confirmed. Please note that courses may have enrollment restrictions, i.e. EE students are NOT guaranteed a spot in these courses.
**Note: based on past student feedback, we recommend that students without real-estate/financial background take 5370 prior to 5364 if possible.
***Recommended methods courses, i.e. courses that teach skills of potential relevance to EE theses projects.

(Required courses for students who entered in Fall 2017.)