The GSD provides Email services to all faculty, staff and students. Each service varies depending on your role at the school.


Are issued an email address in the form of which is an ‘alias’, not a mailbox. Email adressed to your @gsd alias  will be automatically redirected to a mail to the mailbox used in your communications with admissions and the registrar (whatever email you come to school with, or acquire, e.g. gmail, etc.). If that email address changes, be sure to let helpdesk know so your @gsd email address can be updated.

How do I forward my email after graduation?

Check out: post.harvard, a lifetime email forward ing service offered by the Harvard Alumni Association.


Use the Harvard Universities MSO365 Mail and Calendaring System


Options are mixed, ranging from an alias to a Harvard University MSO365 Account.  Please inquire at help desk.

EMail Security and Privacy

In general, EMail is a potentially insecure medium, and should not be used for transmittal of confidential information, or any message you would not wish to see posted on a public bulletin board or accidentally sent to the wrong person (this latter happens regularly!)