In the Details: The Space between God and the Devil

This studio is interested in developing articulated methods of assembly that allow for a dialogue to occur between scales, in both their conceptual logic and through their physical qualities. With this objective in mind, the studio will rely heavily on the making/fabrication of objects that will be used as a vehicle for extracting design strategies applicable to both the design of a building as well as an architectural detail.

As a way of exploring this issue, the studio will begin by developing a series of models involving the placement of an object within a host volume. The intention is to explore relationships between parts—and in particular, through a series of explorations related to the idea of "inlay." As the studio develops, the projects will simultaneously develop a building and a building detail that exploits the ideas developed in the early studies.

As a starting point for the explorations, the studio will exploit the ambiguous characteristics of "inlay." Inlay refers to materials or elements embedded within a different material in such a way that both material surfaces coincide.  While it commonly consists of a primary (typically three-dimensional) object and a secondary (relatively thin) material, its definition does not explicitly call for such a hierarchical approach, nor does it suggest that either of the materials is limited in its three-dimensionality. Sectional objects, for example, often expose elements, giving the impression of an inlay, while in reality that perceived inlay exists as a much larger, more three-dimensional object (but one that has been obscured or distorted as a result of the section cut).  This studio is especially interested in exploring inventive methods of assembly that at times convey their two-dimensional figural qualities and at other times exist as fully three-dimensional elements.

Building Design/Site/Partners: This studio will design a multi-use building approximately 100,000 square feet on a building site located in Los Angeles. Because of the level of development required for the course, partners will be required for the studio.