MArch I and MArch I AP students are required to fulfill the following distributional electives:

8 units of advanced history electives
4 units of global culture and diversity electives
4 units of professional practice electives

Please note that some courses may count toward the satisfaction of two requirements. For example, an advanced history course may also fulfill a global culture and diversity requirement.

Example: 4329 Urbanization in the East Asian Region is listed as fulfilling both the advanced history and global culture and diversity requirement

In the case that a course counts toward the fulfillment of two requirements, the course will only be counted once in total units to degree.

To see a listing of courses that meet the distributional requirement for the current academic year perform an advanced course search in the my.harvard course catalog and select the appropriate Distributional Elective out of the “GSD- Additional Attributes” options.


If you believe you are eligible to substitute a distributional elective requirement via another course taken during your time enrolled in the program, especially one taken outside the GSD, please contact Ryan Jacob, Program Coordinator.

Please note that courses taken prior to enrollment, such as in an undergraduate program or other graduate degree, will not be eligible to count towards distributional elective requirements, as these requirements are in place to shape the breadth of the student experience while in the MArch program.

Past Approved-Courses 

To see if a course taken in a previous semester was eligible for fulfilling a distributional requirement, please refer to the lists below.  A course must be listed during the term that it was taken in order to fulfill a distributional requirement. 

Advanced History Archive

Global Culture and Diversity Archive

Professional Practice Archive

These lists are for reference regarding past years. Just because a course fulfilled a distributional elective in a previous term, it doesn't mean that course will do so in a different year, as courses and their content change.