Thank you for your interest in applying to the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Your application is the window through which we see your accomplishments, hear your ideas, and evaluate your potential. Applicants are admitted for Fall term only; there is no mid-year admission. 

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The next opportunity to apply is for Fall 2015. The Fall 2015 application will be available in September. 


Architecture (MArch)
Application and Portfolio: December 15, 2014      
Landscape Architecture (MLA)        
Application and Portfolio: January 5, 2015      
Urban Planning (MUP)
Application: January 5, 2015
Urban Design (MAUD/MLAUD)
Application and Portfolio: January 5, 2015
Doctor of Design (DDes)
Application and Portfolio: January 5, 2015
Master in Design Studies
Application and Portfolio: January 9, 2015
Financial Aid Application
February 6, 2015*

*Financial aid application available in January 


APPLYING for concurrent degrees within the gsd

Students may concurrently pursue two degrees offered by the GSD. Often concurrent degrees are completed with two of our professional degree programs (MArch I, MLA I, MUP). If you apply to more than one program, you will need to submit a separate application fee and form for each program and must be admitted into each degree program independently. The minimum full-time residency for concurrent degree programs is one academic year (two semesters) more than the residency requirement for the longer of the two programs.

applying for degree programs With other harvard schools

applying through the harvard seniors program

Qualified undergraduates at Harvard are eligible for early admission into the program and may take all or a portion of the first year of graduate study during their senior year.

PhD students must apply through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.


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Admissions: Applying to the GSD

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