Architecture in India, by Rahul Mehrotra, released in Mumbai

Rahul Mehrotra, Professor of Urban Design and Planning, and Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the GSD, recently traveled to Mumbai to launch his new publication, “Architecture in India.”
The book is “an illustrated study of the architecture of post-1990 India, a period that marks the liberalization of the country’s economy and reflects the contradictions, glamour and displacement wrought by globalization and rapid economic mobility. Showcasing a complex canvas of disparate visuals in which bizarre forms coexist in the Indian landscape, it brings to life, with over 500 vivid illustrations, a transformation in the construction of identities, which range from the pan-national to those more fluid in their expression. Hybridity and pluralism reign over singular identities, their architecture being the mirror of the socio-economic as well as the political fabric of a nation-state.”
The book can be purchased at Hatje Cantz. For further information, see Architecture in India on Facebook.
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