Commencement 2016

MAY 30 – AUG 15, 2016

On View


Sensitive to Water, Sensitive to Change: On Building a Little Wooden Boat

A group show on design in and for water, exploring the sensitivity and responsiveness to shifting environmental conditions brought on by living in water. This exhibition puts in dialogue photography from student research on floating informal settlements in Thailand, an architecture student’s reflections on living…

NOV 4, 2013 – DEC 15, 2016

Past Exhibitions


Alpine Shelter, Skuta, Slovenia

Peak House is modular mountaineering shelter – a bivouac – constructed for a remote site in the Slovenian Alps.  Such shelters pepper the Alps across Europe, serving as much-needed outposts from harsh winds, snow conditions, and treacherous terrains. The project was an international collaboration between…

APR 4 – AUG 21, 2016


Light Hive

by Aziz Barbar (MDes ’16) & Akshay Goyal (MDes ’16) LIGHT HIVE is a continuous series of investigations that explore notions of form, space and shadows informed through experiments in computational design and materiality. These explorations employ light and surface as mediums in constant negotiation with…

APR 22 – MAY 20, 2016


Platform 8: An Index of Design & Research

Platform 8 catalogs a curated selection of work generated in the past year at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Alongside final products of design education, Platform 8 places particular emphasis on collecting and documenting the people and artifacts that shape research-driven design practices.

MAR 21 – MAY 13, 2016


Interior Matters

Loosely associated with the spring semester’s Symposium on Architecture, the three architects of Interior Matters utilize methods, media, and models for projecting architecture with respect to interior and matter. Kiel Moe, Associate Professor of Architecture and Energy, Co-Director, Master in Design Studies program, and Co-Director,…

MAR 28 – MAY 13, 2016


Twelve Instigations for a Becoming Middle East

Amalgamating the work of twelve students from various programs, different years, and diverse backgrounds, this exhibition addresses the circumstances confronting the Middle East at a critical time in its history. The student work addresses the region in its present condition, examining pivotal issues that impact…

MAR 7 – MAY 13, 2016


9SG: The Production of an Architectural Idea

In light of the GSD’s Teaching Techniques and Superstudio launch this past fall; the 9SG exhibition pays tribute to the Nine Square Grid Project and John Hejduk following the fifteenth anniversary of his death. The spatial reasoning based on abstract forms and their…

JAN 25 – MAR 22, 2016


Madrid Río

Recipients of the 2015 Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design: Burgos & Garrido Porras La Casta Rubio & Álvarez-Sala West8 Madrid Río illustrates the transformative potentials of architecture, landscape, urban design, and planning for the city of Madrid. The project particularly…

JAN 20 – MAR 6, 2016


360+ Weathers

The Danube School, based in the valley of the Danube River in Bavaria, Germany, propelled an aesthetic sensibility that allowed landscape to become an autonomous genre of painting during the early 16th century. Rather than prioritizing human figures or historical references, the paintings, etchings and…

NOV 2 – JAN 17, 2016


Living Anatomy: An Exhibition About Housing

Living Anatomy brings together a selection of projects that demonstrate innovative solutions for housing in urban contexts. The exhibition focuses on a 50-year period from 1965 to 2015 that witnessed the waning of Modernism and the ensuing controversy about its legacy. Housing was a central…

AUG 24 – NOV 13, 2015


A Non-Urban Apparatus: Winner of the Clifford Wong Housing Prize

Macro As an endeavour to regain the agency, productivity and economic independence of the Chinese rural, the thesis proposes an alternative to the current trend in new development where farmer’s land ownership rights are overlooked and the centuries long connection to the ‘land’ is lost.

AUG 24 – NOV 13, 2015


Landformation Catalogue

March 26 – May 15, 2015 Zaneta Hong and Michael Leighton Beaman, curators Ground is both site and material for design intervention. Through a systematic manipulation of the landscape, humans account for the fastest geological transformation of the Earth’s surface in its 4.54…

MAR 26 – MAY 15, 2015


Platform 7 Exhibition

March 23, 2015–May 15, 2015 Leire Asensio Villoria, curator Imagine a recording of a piece of classical music—or any musical recording, for that matter. As you listen, the emphasis is invariably on the sounds heard, apprehended, and felt by your ears, mind, and body.

MAR 23 – MAY 15, 2015


Architectures Of Urban Integration In Latin America

Caroline Shannon de Cristo  and Pedro Henrique de Cristo, curators Today, as humanity lives its most intense period of urbanization, the largest and fastest growing cities are increasingly concentrated in the Majority World [Latin America, Africa and Asia]. Whether in Rio de Janeiro, Medellin, Cape…

APR 6 – MAY 15, 2015


Habitation in Extreme Environments

The extreme climatic conditions of the North introduce a design paradox for architects. The fragile environmental conditions require incisive designs that respond to irregular loading from strong winds, heavy snowfalls, avalanche risk zones, and extreme cold. These phenomena are often instantaneous, sudden, and unpredictable. Risk…

FEB 2 – MAR 22, 2015


Icons of Knowledge: Architecture and Symbolism in National Libraries

Monumental in scale, dominated by nationalistic ambitions and overwhelming with architectural details, national libraries are amongst the most symbolic icons of modern day countries. Despite the rapid digitization of print, nations are vehemently investing resources in the construction of buildings that will project their cultural…

FEB 2 – MAR 22, 2015



ÁBALOS +SENTKIEWICZ arquitectos January 19 – March 8, 2014 Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz, curators Much historic architecture often takes its composite tension from two theoretically incompatible morphological organizations that correspond to different disciplines or languages. This composite-tension technique usually involves the union…

JAN 19 – MAR 8, 2015


Temporary Accumulations: Last Suppers (An Investigative Dining Experience)

by Scott Valentine (MDes ADPD ’16) Using the intimate setting of a dinner party as a point of departure, Last Supper’s is an on-going investigation discussing capital punishment’s shortcomings in contemporary society.  An open reservation system was distributed throughout the institution and invited to RSVP…

FEB 4 – MAR 6, 2015


More Than Mere Practicality

Elizabeth Bacon Eager, PhD candidate and Bryan Norwood, PhD candidate, curators Embracing the rise of second-wave modernism in mid-century America, Harvard transformed its campus and its design curriculum in the midst of what John Coolidge (the Fogg Museum’s director from 1948-1972) called “an unprecedented moment…

NOV 3, 2014 – JAN 20, 2015


Ocean State

Resilience is typically a value associated with the scale of an ecosystem. This view overlooks the potential of resilience as an embedded micro-condition, which amalgamates through biological evidence. By nature competitive, plants emerge and ‘spring back’ based on regimes of disturbance that warrant their use…

NOV 3, 2014 – JAN 20, 2015


A Sustainable Future for Exuma: A Traveling Toolbox

This multi-year research and education project is a collaboration among the Government of The Bahamas, the Bahamas National Trust (BNT), and the GSD. The goal is to facilitate the design and management of a more sustainable future for the Exuma archipelago, and The Bahamas more…

NOV 12 – JAN 17, 2015


Grounded Visionaries: Pedagogy and Practice

August 25, 2014–December 28, 2014 Curatorial Team Mohsen Mostafavi, Dean and Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design K. Michael Hays, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Eliot Noyes Professor of Architectural Theory Peter Sealy, March II ‘08,…

AUG 25 – DEC 28, 2014


Grounded Visionaries: Writing Practice, Special Collections

Designers communicate their ideas not only through drawings and built works but also through writing. Books and essays have translated the ideals and understanding of the built environment worldwide throughout the centuries. From the systematic exposition of principles and elements of architecture in the sixteenth…

SEP 8 – OCT 19, 2014


Architecture At Human Scale

September 8, 2014–October 19, 2014 Elements of Architecture is a 15-volume publication released in 2014 as part of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition: Fundamentals, held in Venice, Italy. Informally referred to as the “Venice Architecture Biennale,” this year’s gathering of exhibitions, events, and publications was…

SEP 8 – OCT 19, 2014


Animating the Archive

April 3, 2014–May 16, 2014 Matthew Allen MArch '10, curator With advice from Preston Scott Cohen MArch `85, Gerald M. McCue Professor in Architecture and assistance by Sophia Panova Representation has typically sought to remove the “look” of the technology that produced it.

APR 3 – MAY 16, 2014



The project was a small two-story house which was located at Chambery, France. The goal of the competition was to achieve a surplus-energy house by manipulation of the given base design through integrated building strategies. A site weather file, two floor plans and a building…

APR 3 – MAY 16, 2014


Horizon House: A Retreat in Nature

Horizon House was developed by a team of eight students at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, and was selected First Place in the 3rd LIXIL International University Architectural Competition, held on April 20, 2013 in Tokyo.  The competition focused on the concept of…

APR 3 – MAY 16, 2014


Platform 6 Exhibition

March 24, 2014–May 16, 2014 Rosetta S. Elkin, curator Global Connections The Harvard Graduate School of Design prides itself on the wide scope of its global aspirations, collaborations, and projects. Every semester a large portion of our programs engage in work that…

MAR 24 – MAY 16, 2014


Innovating Ceramics: the future of architectural applications

Computer-aided design, manufacturing, and engineering (CAD/CAM/CAE) technologies are increasingly integrated into many aspects of design and construction. ‘Digital Fabrication’ has been deeply embedded in today’s architectural discourse, has enabled new modes of practice, and has informed design pedagogy on a global scale. Whether driven by…

FEB 26 – APR 11, 2014


Airport Landscape: From Airfields to Greenfields

A Genealogy of Airport Landscape October 30, 2013–March 25, 2014 Sonja Dümpelmann, curator In the early decades of powered flight, the open fields used for the first flying experiments were turned into simple, level airfields and finally developed into…

OCT 30, 2013 – MAR 25, 2014


Silvia Gmür Reto Gmür Architekten

February 17, 2014–March 23, 2014 Silvia Gmür, curator Reto Gmür, curator "The nature of space reflects what it wants to be. A Form emerges from the structural elements inherent in the form." -L.I. Kahn "The room is the beginning of…

FEB 17 – MAR 23, 2014


Material Performances: Fibrous Tectonics

“In one philosophy one thinks of form or design as primarily conceptual or cerebral, something to be generated as a pure thought in isolation from the messy world of matter and energy. Once conceived, a design can be given a physical form by simply imposing…

JAN 27 – MAR 23, 2014


Another Nature

We are endeavouring to contemplate two fundamental aspects of architecture: comfort and constructivity. New comfort Until recently, architecture was created to segregate man from nature, as shelter, and a “comfortable” environment was created artificially within. Today, the distinction between the natural environment and the manmade…

JAN 20 – MAR 9, 2014


Airport Landscape: Urban Ecologies in the Aerial Age

Airport Landscape claims the airport as a site of and for landscape. Airports have never been more central to the life of cities, yet they remain peripheral in design discourse. In spite of this, landscape architects have recently reasserted their historic claims on the airfield…

OCT 30 – DEC 19, 2013


Airport Landscape: The Jetport Landscape

October 30, 2013–December 19, 2013 Sonja Dümpelmann, curator In the 1950s and 1960s, landscape architect Daniel Urban Kiley (1912–2004) was commissioned to provide landscape designs for two of the first jetports built in the United States, Dulles International Airport…

OCT 30 – DEC 19, 2013


Airport Landscape: ORD: Documenting the Definitive Modern Airport

October 30, 2013–December 19, 2013 Charles Waldheim, curator In the second half of the twentieth century, Chicago’s O’Hare Airport was the biggest and busiest facility of its kind in the world. Characterized by a seamless integration of transportation infrastructure and architectural expression, O’Hare…

OCT 30 – DEC 19, 2013


Airport Landscape: Airplot and Other Aerial Obsessions

October 16, 2013–December 19, 2013 Luis Callejas, curator Pamphlet Architecture 33. "Islands and atolls" by Luis Callejas / LCLA The competition for Pamphlet Architecture 33 asked previous authors in the series to nominate the architects and theorists whose work represents the most exciting design…

OCT 16 – DEC 19, 2013


Airport Landscape: Altitudes of Urbanization

From 10,000 metres below the sea, to 35,000 kilometers in orbit above the surface of the earth, the infrastructure that supports urban life has reached unimaginable extents below ground, in the water, and across outer space. Re-profiling the conventional contours of the cities we live and the spaces…

OCT 16 – DEC 19, 2013


Transformative Mobilities: Porto & Medellín

Metro do Porto by Architect Eduardo Souto de Moura Acknowledging the transportation authority Metro do Porto Northeastern Urban Integration Project by the City of Medellín Acknowledging the government agency Empresa de Desarrollo Urbano (EDU) Medellín and the design leadership of architect Alejandro Echeverri Recipients…

AUG 26 – OCT 13, 2013


The Generic Sublime: Utopioids

August 9, 2013–October 4, 2013 Ciro Najle, Curator   Professor Ciro Najle Assistant Pablo Barría Urenda Georgios Athanasopoulos  Men in Retreat  Alessandro Boccacci  La Ville Tropicale Elle Gerdeman  Neon Sector  Parsa Kamali  Shukovoids Jielu Lu  In-between Helix Héctor…

AUG 9 – OCT 4, 2013


Composites: Renewed Optimism in the Age of Digital Fabrication

This course focuses on the integration of the composites industry with the construction industry and contemporary architectural practice, pursuing the advancement of knowledge, research, and capabilities within the discipline. Through collaboration with material scientists, engineers, and fabricators in the composites industry, students create prototypes and…

SEP 2 – OCT 4, 2013


Harvard GSD Commencement 2013 Exhibition

May 30, 2013—August 2, 2013 This exhibition features an individual poster from each graduating student. They compose work that best represents their time at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Displayed along with each poster, postcard versions of their material are available for visitors to take.

MAY 30 – AUG 2, 2013


Platform 5 Exhibition

March 25, 2013–May 17, 2013 Mariana Ibañez, Curator Developed as a working curation of the environment of the Graduate School of Design, the Platform 5 book and exhibition have been designed to present various lenses through which to view the School in the…

MAR 25 – MAY 17, 2013


Bocconi Yard

A Network Campus for Milan | Harvard University – Graduate School of Design, 1st place February 2, 2013–May 17, 2013 Stefano Andreani, project leader Federico de Molfetta, project leader The importance of inner, urban voids is essential to the understanding of…

FEB 2 – MAY 17, 2013


River City: Water Front Design For Civic Life

We are pleased to present the second exhibition in Van Alen’s series River City: Waterfront Design for Civic Life. Exploring the reinvention of a once-buried urban waterway, Deconstruction/Construction: The Cheonggyecheon River Project in Seoul examines this complex work of Korean infrastructure as a case study…

APR 9 – APR 1, 2013


Christian Kerez: Contrast and Continuity

This exhibition features a range of projects by Christian Kerez (Architect, Zürich). From residential housing to corporate headquarters to a museum, set in Swiss suburbs and in Warsaw, São Paulo, and Zhengzhou, these projects are conceptually different. But they are made of common architectural elements,…

JAN 21 – MAR 10, 2013


Transformable Design Methods

January 21, 2013–February 24, 2013 Chuck Hoberman, Curator Nathan King, Co-curator Architects have long imagined a built environment that is fundamentally dynamic. Portable buildings, retractable coverings, kinetic facades, and spaces that morph: these transformable structures have become part of the lexicon of architectural possibilities.

JAN 21 – FEB 24, 2013


Instigations: Engaging Architecture Landscape and the City

The creative imagination is not solely based on the intuitive capacities of individuals. One of the tasks of design education is to help provide the tools, techniques, and methods that enhance constructed imagination. At the same time, the modes and practices of design need to…

DEC 3, 2012 – JAN 25, 2013


Visualizing Systems: The Reading and Representation of the Human Environment

Andrea Hansen, Exhibit Design November 19,2012–January 21,2013 Visualizing Systems: The Book and the Blog Visualizing Systems presents a selection of the most important visualizations and mappings of the human environment from 1800 – present.  The collection considers the three-dimensional world—and the spatial,…

NOV 12, 2012 – JAN 21, 2013


Representation's Ghost: Site Visits for Unbuilt Projects

November 15, 2012–January 21, 2013 Jenny French, recepient of the Julia Amory Appleton Fellowship in Architecture This is the story of the Grand Tour’s perversion, a story predicated on a simple question: How do you take a trip to see things that aren’t really there?…

NOV 15, 2012 – JAN 21, 2013


Cartographic Grounds: Projecting the Landscape Imaginary

The drawing of a parallel between cartography and architecture is instructive. Each lies in the field of the practical arts; each is older than history; and each, since its beginnings, has been more or less under the control of its consumers. —Arthur H. Robinson, The Look…

OCT 29, 2012 – JAN 1, 2013


Cartographic Grounds: The Central Park Case Study

40.7820° N, 73.9660° W  Central Park, with its foundational history within American landscape architecture, has captured the imagination of cartographers, designers, artists, and writers alike. It is more widely referenced in art, film, and literature than any other American public space. This exhibit…

NOV 2 – DEC 19, 2012


Life Cycle Design

The built environment is not only the culprit of major energy consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide, its construction also uses up the majority of material resources of our planet. Yet we continue to evaluate building efficiency largely based on energy consumption, ignoring embodied energy, CO2…

OCT 8 – NOV 11, 2012


KPF Winners/ Michael Smith and Arthur J. Liu

The KPF Traveling Fellowship is a student travel award sponsored by Kohn Pedersen Fox (KPF). The aim of the award is to support emerging talent and encourage creative, new thinking and international research. This award allows any March I, March I AP or March…

SEP 6 – NOV 11, 2012



August 24, 2012–October 19, 2012 Ken Tadashi Oshima, guest curator  In conjunction with the exhibition Tectonic Visions Between Land and Sea: Works of Kiyonori Kikutake, Special Collections presents original documents highlighting the broader international context of Metabolism as an architectural movement and discourse intersecting…

AUG 24 – OCT 19, 2012


Tectonic Visions Between Land & Sea: Works of Kiyonori Kikutake

For more than half a century, visionary architect Kiyonori Kikutake (1928–2011) pursued Metabolic architecture, embracing forces of renewal, recycling, and transformation. Following the debut of his Sky House and Marine City at the 1959 C.I.A.M. (Congrès Internationale d’Architecture Moderne) Conference in Otterloo in the Netherlands,…

AUG 24 – OCT 16, 2012


In the Life of Cities

August 29, 2012–September 30, 2012 Mohsen Mostafavi, editor What is it that gives places their individual qualities and defines the life of a city? Architects and urbanists are accustomed to describing and creating the organizational structures, the layouts and physical attributes…

AUG 29 – SEP 30, 2012


Participation: Empowerment in Practice

Traditionally, decisions about design and planning have incorporated limited public input. This top-down process has been questioned at various times in the twentieth century through alternative participatory strategies. But the promise of participation has not been realized at a large scale. Now, at the beginning…

APR 19 – JUL 24, 2012


Hélène Binet: Encounters with Cities

March 3, 2012–July 23,2012 Gareth Doherty, curator "Every time I photograph a space there is a history, and often this history is connected to the city.” While busy photographing architecture over the past twenty-eight years, Hélène Binet (b. Sorengo, 1959) has unwittingly been…

MAR 5 – JUL 23, 2012


Protosurfaces: Mathematical Experiments in Spacial Design

For designers, mathematics presents both the promise of control and the challenge of constraint. The working models presented here are products of an ongoing seminar at the GSD that confronts this productive tension between the freedom of design and the logic of geometry. In particular,…

FEB 12 – MAY 21, 2012


Platform 4 Exhibtion

March 19, 2012–May 17, 2012 Eric Howeler, Curator On March 11, 2011, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the eastern coast of Japan sent 40 foot high waves crashing into the coastal city of Miyako, overwhelming the tsunami barriers and damaging the Fukushima Nuclear…

MAR 19 – MAY 17, 2012


Building Geometry: Mathematical Models and the History of Surface

February 1, 2012–March 12, 2012 Andrew Witt, Curator  Noam Andrews, Co-curator The visualization of complex surface geometry common in contemporary architectural practice and pedagogy has a history prior to its appearance as a product of contemporary digital tools. The methods of geometric analysis developed…

FEB 1 – MAR 12, 2012


Lightfall: Herta & Paul Amir Building, Tel Aviv Museum of Art

01/17/2012–03/04/2012 Preston Scott Cohen, curator Lightfall is not only an exhibition design and a presentation of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art’s new Amir Building. It is an architectural intervention in the Harvard Graduate School of Design that embodies the deeply…

JAN 17 – MAR 4, 2012


Dispatches from the GSD: 075 Years of Design

August 22, 2011–December 22, 2011 Peter Christiansen, curator Anniversaries offer the opportunity to consider the past as an active interlocutor with the present and the future. For the GSD, this means foregrounding an array of agents—people, events, objects, and ideas—in a rich institutional history…

AUG 22 – DEC 22, 2011


The Rebuild Foundation

Artists have the capacity to move conversations out of the realm of the theoretical and into the domain of the hyper-real. A space where gestural moments are both poetic and pragmatic. The projects that I am working on in Chicago, St. Louis and in other…

APR 1 – MAY 31, 2011


The Divine Comedy

The Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the Harvard Art Museums collaborated on an unprecedented three-part exhibition that addressed the converging domains of contemporary art and design practice. Entitled The Divine Comedy, the exhibition was comprised of major installations by internationally acclaimed artists Olafur…

MAR 21 – MAY 17, 2011


The FOLIO Series

Published by The Architectural Association, these works offer stimulating content and notable portfolio design. Image: Shin Takamatsu, The Killing Moon (Folio XII, 1988) Spring 2011 Library Special Collections Department…

FEB 1 – MAY 15, 2011



An Architecture Without Precedents January 04, 2011–April 4, 2011 Iddo Ginat, curator Venice Biennale Exhibition Curators: Galia Bar Or, Yuval Yasky Original Design Concept: Dan Hasson Archival Conceptualization: Zvi Efrat, Yuval Yasky Archival Research: Adi Biran, Adi Levy-Trau, Iris Kashman, Nur Efrat Video Concept:…

JAN 4 – APR 4, 2011


Motion Matters: UNStudio

What the private house was to architecture in the first half of the twentieth century, the temporary installation is today. Transient constructions, such as pavilions and exhibition designs, arguably represent the premier site for innovation and experimentation in our time. To UNStudio, these specific temporal…

JAN 17 – MAR 6, 2011


UD50 A Formulation; A Bibliography

November 01, 2010–January 05, 2011 Felipe Correa, curator Christopher A. Roach Since its conception, and later in its incorporation as an official program of study at the school in 1960, Urban Design has generated an extensive body of academic and disciplinary work…

NOV 1, 2010 – JAN 5, 2011


Platform 3 Exhibition

November 01, 2010–December 19, 2010 Emily Waugh, curator Platform 3 considers the expanded boundaries of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. It features not only selections of work produced at the GSD during the 2009–2010 academic year, but also the potential of that…

NOV 1 – DEC 19, 2010


Deconstruction/Construction: Cheonggyecheon River Project

Recipient of the 10th Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design. The evolution of the Cheonggyecheon River in just twenty-nine months from an outmoded utilitarian highway into a multipurpose performative infrastructural piece of unprecedented size merits recognition as a seminal project in contemporary urban design. …

SEP 9 – OCT 15, 2010


Architects Write: Thinking about Buildings, Landscapes and Cities

June 15, 2010–August 30, 2010 Architects Write is an exhibition based on a selection of books that range from 16th century treatises to current essays on algorithmic research, and their impact on the built environment. The exhibition highlights not only the fact that architects write,…

JUN 15 – AUG 30, 2010


Ceramic Futures 1.0: Robotic Fabrication for Daylighting Design

The customization of architectural components has long been a core issue in the design and production of architecture. Today’s environmentally performative buildings rely more than ever on the fabrication of highly individualized components. This trend is most prominent in contemporary building envelope systems. Architectural ceramics,…

APR 27, 2016 – JUN 27, 2010


Erratics: Perception, Observation, and Practice

March 22, 2010–May 22, 2010 In conjuction with Erratics, the Special Collections Department of the Frances Loeb Library has mounted a selection of materials from the Rare Book Room and the Special Collections that will offer, in terms of both landscape and architecture, nineteenth-…

MAR 22 – MAY 22, 2010


Inside/Out: Exploring gender and space in life, culture, and art

“Inside/Out” brought together artists, public intellectuals, and scholars in the fields of design, the humanities, and the social sciences to consider the dynamic interaction between two notions: how gender affects the way we experience, construct, and use spaces, and how the notion of space influences…

MAR 22 – APR 18, 2010


New Trajectories: Convergent Flux: Korea

As the second exhibition in the Graduate School of Design’s New Trajectories series, Convergent Flux: Korea presents a provocative cross-section of the innovative architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning and design projects recently undertaken within this rapidly evolving country. Although South Korea is roughly only…

JAN 20 – MAR 7, 2010


The THING Tank

January 22, 2010–February 28, 2010 Jeffrey Schnapp, curator Spring 2010 Library Special Collections Department…

JAN 22 – FEB 28, 2010


What Shall We Do With Our Walls?

A Rare Book Room title featured in this exhibition of design publications from the Victorian Era. The books displayed illustrate the role of technological advances on production, binding, and color illustration.  …

NOV 6, 2009 – JAN 15, 2010


Platform 2 Exhibition

November 2, 2009–December 20, 2009  Felipe Correa, curator  A Year of Research Through Studio Work, Theses, Exhibitions, and  Conferences at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design The Graduate School of Design is the site of many research-based conjectures and experiments. In core…

NOV 2 – DEC 20, 2009


Distillations: Gropius_Japan_1954

You cannot imagine what it meant to me to come suddenly face to face with these houses, with a culture still alive, which in the past had already found the answer to many of our modern requirements of simplicity, of outdoor-indoor relations, of modular coordination,…

SEP 1 – DEC 1, 2009


Max Bond: Practice, Education and Activism

Max Bond: Practice, Education and Activism celebrates the life and work of architect Max Bond (MArch ’48), one of the GSDs first African-American alumni, who forged his way through the barriers of discrimination to become a leading architect and educator.  …

SEP 14 – NOV 8, 2009


Utopia Across Scales: Highlights from the Kenzo Tange Archive

The Harvard University Graduate School of Design (GSD) presents the first mono-graphic exhibition on Kenzo Tange in the United States: Utopia Across Scales: Highlights from the Kenzo Tange Archive. It is the first comprehensive exhibition on Tange anywhere in the world in more than twenty years.

AUG 26 – OCT 18, 2009


Book Builders: Architects as Authors and Editors

April 28, 2009–June 05, 2009 Lars Mueller, curator, publisher and designer Mary Daniels, organizer The historical perspective is encouraging. Ever since Vitruvius, important architects have been aware of the necessity to convey the theoretical superstructure of their creative activities in an independent…

APR 28 – JUN 5, 2009


Recent Acquisitions From Special Collections

A selection of materials acquired by the Special Collections Department within the past academic year.  The items displayed indicate the breadth and variety of a year’s acquisition: by purchase, transfer or gift. Images Broadcasting House. London : BBC, 1932 Mendelsohn, Erich, 1887-1953. Neues…

JAN 2 – MAY 30, 2009


Ecological Urbanism

The contemporary urban environment is facilitated by ecologies that exceed the city’s physical and political limits, reaching into hinterlands and beyond. Urbanism is also made up of many smaller pieces—a mosaic, as Richard T.T. Forman describes urban as well as rural landscapes—between which the boundaries…

MAR 30 – MAY 17, 2009


The Architecture of Aggression

This exhibition includes printed books, plans, photographs and manuscripts from the Special Collections. Included are photographs of mediaeval Spanish fortresses from the H.H. Richardson Collection, materials from the Norman T. Newton Collection related to the work of the Allied Subcommission on Monuments in Italy in…

FEB 1 – MAY 1, 2009


Concrete in the Landscape: 3 Sites|3 Projects

Peter Rose’s exhibit used video, line drawings, renderings, and physical models to show how concrete is placed in the landscape to shape building spaces while also capturing and focusing energies essential to each of three very different sites. Used for its robust material qualities and…

MAR 13 – APR 22, 2009


PATTERNS: Cases in Synthetic Intelligence

Establishing links between otherwise disparate cultural, intellectual, and technological categories has long been the job of the architect. An arbiter of aesthetic connection, who else can create a bond between the Parthenon and a sportscar, bricks and B movies, octogenarians and the color orange? This…

JAN 26 – MAR 15, 2009



Alison and Peter Smithson's Economist Building at Fifty November 19, 2008–January 11, 2009 Peter Christiansen, curator Mary Daniels, organizer Ines Zaluendo, organizer Drawn entirely from the GSD’s Special Collections, this two part exhibition focuses on the landmark Economist Building by British…

NOV 19, 2008 – JAN 11, 2009


Platform 1 Exhibition

An Archeology of the Present November 03, 2008–January 11, 2009 Moshen Mostafavi, Dean Alexander and Victoria Wiley Professor of Design, author Lluis Ortega, curator Utopias afford consolation: although they have no real locality there is nevertheless a fantastic, untroubled region in which they…

NOV 3, 2008 – JAN 11, 2009


Afterlife: Alison and Peter Smithson's Economist Building at Fifty

September 1, 2008–December 1, 2008 Peter Christensen, curator This two part exhibition includes original drawings, and other materials including film, publications, typescripts and clippings, illustrating the building's significance in the British cultural imaginary.   Fall 2008 Library Special Collections Department and…

SEP 1 – DEC 1, 2008


New Trajectories: Contemporary Architecture in Croatia and Slovenia

Both Croatia and Slovenia have had a complex cultural, economic, and political history, and now as members of a New Europe are sites of intense, inspiring, and productive architectural and urban debates.  The exhibition focused on innovative practices in architecture and urbanism in Croatia and…

SEP 8 – OCT 19, 2008


Buon Compleanno a Voi

August 14, 2008–September 30, 2008 The year 2008 marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of Andrea Palladio (1508-1580). His extraordinary legacy of both built works and influence of his I QUATTRO LIBRI DELL'ARCHITETTURA is surely a cause for celebration. The exhibition includes, drawn…

AUG 14 – SEP 30, 2008


The Aga Khan Award for Architecture: Tenth Cycle (2005-2007)

Tectonic Worlds March 31, 2008–May 21, 2008 Hashim Sarkis, curator Exhibition organized by the Aga Khan Program at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and the Humanities Center at Harvard University, in collaboration with the Aga Khan Award for Architecture Throughout…

MAR 31 – MAY 21, 2008


Dirty Work: Transforming Landscape in the Non-Formal City of the Americas

01/28/2008–03/14/2008 John Beardsley, curator Christian Werthmann, curator The exhibition presented new terrain and tactics for landscape architecture.  It had two subjects. One was physical: low-income communities, variously called squatter settlements, shantytowns, or slums, which are a dominant feature of the developing world’s…

JAN 28 – MAR 14, 2008


2007 Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design

The Harvard University Graduate School of Design awards the Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design to recognize urban design excellence through projects that contribute to the public realm of the city and improve the overall quality of life. As the ninth recipient of the…

NOV 29, 2007 – JAN 13, 2008



Behnisch Architekten + Transsolar Climate Engineering, Stuttgart August 22–October 3, 2007 Behnisch Architekten + Transsolar Climate Engineering, Stuttgart Behnisch Architekten and Transsolar Klimaengineering have been collaborating for many years in pursuit of an environmentally responsive architecture. Works extend from architectural competitions to…

AUG 22 – OCT 3, 2007


African Cities: A Photographic Essay by David Adjaye

Compared with other continents, the architecture and urbanism of the 52 capital cities of Africa are not well known. The majority of them were important centers in the colonial period, and buildings from these times still play a significant role in the life of the…

APR 2 – MAY 23, 2007


Project Zagreb: Transition as Condition, Strategy, Practice

January 29–March 18, 2007 Eve Blau, curator Ivan Rupnik, collaborator Project Zagreb examines transition as a condition that creates opportunities for architecture. Zagreb is the perfect site for exploring the generative dynamic of transition: currently preparing for Croatia’s entry into the…

JAN 29 – MAR 18, 2007


Constructing The Swiss Landscape

From Jean-Jacques Rousseau to Studio Basel, Switzerland has been described as a thoroughly urbanized nation. This exhibition takes a different tack, examining Switzerland as a landscape—a landscape of mountains and lakes, agglomeration and infrastructure, and design interventions large and small. The Swiss landscape, even more…

NOV 30, 2006 – JAN 15, 2007


Beyond The Harvard Box

The Early Works of Edward L. Barnes, Ulrich Franzen, John Johansen, Victor Lundy, I.M. Pei, and Paul Rudolph October 5, 2006–November 15, 2006 Michael Meredith, curator Beyond the Harvard Box focuses on the early work of six architects who graduated from the Harvard University…

OCT 5 – NOV 15, 2006


Between Form and Circumstance: Rethinking the Contemporary Landscape

This exhibition of Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates’ (MVVA) five recent projects explores a rarely discussed aspect of the firm’s work:  the varied fields of research that inform their projects. Although technical research was often fundamental to earlier work, such as the series of experiments with ice-water walls…

APR 3 – MAY 24, 2006


PLAYGROUNDS: System and Subjectivity

January 30, 2006–March 19, 2006 Noyes Professors Luis Mansilla, Emilio Tuñón, curators   "The word has the power, among other things, of pointing out the fields through which the sometimes harsh river of sensibility and intelligence has to flow. All language is thus a…

JAN 30 – MAR 19, 2006


Cities: 10 Lines: Approaches to City and Open Territory

December 1, 2005–January 16, 2006 Martin Bucksbaum Professor Joan Busquets, curator In collaboration with Felipe Correa   “Cities: 10 Lines, Approaches to City and Open Territory Design” is an exhibition curated by Joan Busquets, Martin Bucksbaum Professor in Practice of Urban Planning and…

DEC 1, 2005 – JAN 16, 2006


Sauerbruch Hutton: Sense and Sensuality

Matthias Sauerbruch and Louisa Hutton are the Fall 2005 Kenzo Tange Visiting Design Critics at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Having founded their architectural practice in London in the late eighties, they opened a second office in Berlin in 1993, where Juan Lucas…

OCT 16 – NOV 16, 2005


Manufactured Sites Exhibition

Polluted city riverways and wetlands, derelict waterfronts, landfills, railroad yards, and abandoned industrial processing plants, — these are the emerging sites of contemporary practice in landscape architecture, urban design, and site architecture. Characterized as waste, despoiled, and toxic, these landscapes are initially dependant for their…

APR 1 – APR 30, 1998