O(perating) S(ystem)1.1

Illumination is hard wired. Lighting networks require electric grids, digital chips, and insulated conduit. Material infrastructure allows for immaterial transmission. Illumination blurs a building’s boundaries, creating new thresholds and impossible contiguities. OS1.1 harnesses the built infrastructure to extend our sensory registers. We have collaboratively designed…

exhibition dates: APR 24 – MAY 31, 2024

Sarah Oppenheimer, Curator

Past Exhibitions



FOREST FUTURES explores the intertwined history of forests and humanity, critically examining the past and the present to emphasize our profound connection with these vital habitats. A glance at the ungraspable timeline of forest evolution, 350 million years, reveals an alarming fact: a millennium of human activity—a blink of an eye in geological…

exhibition dates: JAN 25 – MAR 31, 2024

Anita Berrizbeitia, Curator


Plantation Futures: Foregrounding Lost Narratives

Masters in Landscape Architecture, AP Thesis Prize, 2023 Advised by Rosalea Monacella Oak Alley Plantation, located in Louisiana, is the most famous and visited plantation in the United States. Today the plantation is preserved as a cultural landscape reflecting and glorifying the values of…

exhibition dates: NOV 3, 2023 – MAR 23, 2024


Sixteen Student Stools

Economic growth, material extraction, and greenhouse gas emissions have a near-99 percent correlation. Building is an act of climate change. This exhibition draws increased attention to climate change pedagogy at the Graduate School of Design by showcasing sixteen student-designed stools from the MArch core course,…

exhibition dates: NOV 1 – DEC 21, 2023

Jonathan Grinham, Curator


Planning @ 100

Highlighting some of the key people and activities associated with planning education at Harvard, this exhibition traces Harvard’s pivotal role in shaping planning education and practice. While the first course in city planning at Harvard was offered in 1909, it was in 1923 when the…

exhibition dates: OCT 27 – DEC 21, 2023

Ann Forsyth, Curator


Aamha//قمحة: Uncovering Beirut’s Phantom Ecologies

The National Institutes of Health defines a phantom limb as the perception of pain or discomfort in a limb that is no longer there. This project explores the notion of phantom limbs in urban environments, investigating what has been forgotten, gone unseen, or been left…

exhibition dates: AUG 19 – OCT 22, 2023


Stories That Take Me Home

In conjunction with the Black in Design 2023 Conference, “The Black Home”  Across languages and cultures, the notion of home resonates universally as a sanctuary, a refuge, and a testament to our deep connection with a specific place—a…

exhibition dates: SEP 1 – OCT 18, 2023

Dora Mugerwa and Kai Walcott, Curators
Cory Henry, Faculty Advisor


The Book in the Age of …

Since the invention of the codex in antiquity, to the emergence of today’s global publishing industry, transformations of the book are entangled with evolutions of modernity. Following the argument of Marshall McLuhan, Gutenberg’s movable-type printing press yielded not only a Bible, but also created a…

exhibition dates: SEP 1 – OCT 15, 2023

Irma Boom, Phillip Denny and Remment Koolhaas, Curators



Multihyphenation is a compound term referring to alternate modes of creative production: “Collab” culture; “brand X brand” projects; and multiple, or even opaque styles of attribution and ownership among the individuals, studios, and practices that engage in such work. For them, the “body of work”…

exhibition dates: AUG 30 – OCT 11, 2023

Sean Canty, Zeina Koreitem and John May, Curators