Thesis Exhibition 2020

The first online gallery of thesis work from the Harvard Graduate School of Design showcases projects by 2020 graduating students. View the gallery…

exhibition dates: MAY 27, 2020 – MAY 26, 2021

Past Exhibitions


Enfillade 01: Richter Scale, an Homage to Hans

The Bauhaus film experimentalist Hans Richter (1888-1976) raised the flat superposition and kinetic orchestration of simple forms to a strange gestalt art form. We propose an homage of sorts to Hans, adopting Richter’s graphic vocabulary…

exhibition dates: DEC 9 – DEC 18, 2020


2020 Election Day at Gund Hall

During voting cycles, Gund Hall transforms into the polling station for Ward-Precinct 7-3 in the City of Cambridge. Typically, the Harvard Graduate School of Design sets up a small area within Gund, and voting booths are packed tightly and the life of the school continues…

exhibition dates: NOV 3 – NOV 4, 2020


First the Forests

This exhibition explores the complex and intertwined layers of knowledge—sciences, history, aesthetics, and material culture—that are embedded in the seemingly simple undertaking of planting, whether a large forest, an urban park, or a garden. It does so through documenting the creative process of the…

exhibition dates: JAN 20 – MAR 15, 2020

Anita Berrizbeitia and Gunther Vogt, Curators


CoDesign at the GSD

“CoDesign at the GSD” showcases engaged-design pedagogy and methodologies to improve Boston public realms in partnership with local…

exhibition dates: JAN 14 – MAR 1, 2020

Lily Song, Curator


A Giant Among Us

Text by Yueyan Li (MArch '21) and Son Vu (MArch '21), winners of the 2019 Clifford Wong Prize in Housing It is hard to get in and out of Somerville, and true public spaces are few and far between. Though several nodes do exist,…

exhibition dates: JAN 14 – MAR 1, 2020

Yueyan Li and Son Vu, Curators


Love in a Mist

Love in a Mist: The Politics of Fertility explores several evolving narratives on the spaces and politics of fertility, triggered by the “heartbeat bill,” which recently passed into law in states such as Mississippi, Kentucky, and Georgia to criminalize abortions from as early as six…

exhibition dates: OCT 28 – DEC 20, 2019

Malkit Shoshan, Curator



“Grayscale” is based on an architecture thesis by Khoa Vu (MArch '19) of the same title. Thesis advisor: Preston Scott Cohen Grayscale is a term used in computation to describe the range of gray shades from white to black. As a framework for design,…

exhibition dates: OCT 28 – DEC 20, 2019


End. Words from the Margins—New York City

In this exhibition, more than six hundred photographs, accompanied by maps and drawings, document a journey on foot along the natural edges of the five boroughs of New York City. Together, they create an original image of the most iconic and represented city in the…

exhibition dates: OCT 30 – DEC 20, 2019


Style Worry or #FOMO

Reyner Banham once described the proliferation of styles after a waning epoch as “style worry,” an anxiety where the architect must decide how to go about choosing one style out of many. Today this anxiety has shifted to a worry better characterized as fear of missing…

exhibition dates: OCT 28 – DEC 20, 2019

Max Kuo, Curator


A Hole in the Wall

Art historian Heinrich Wölfflin once characterized painterly architecture as a collection of “broad, vague masses.” This installation adopts a similar attitude towards form. Three eight-foot tall curved walls divide the Frances Loeb Library into smaller rooms. To design the masses, the project employs inpainting, a…

exhibition dates: AUG 30 – OCT 20, 2019

Michelle Chang, Curator


From Fallow

Vacant lots have long vexed cities—especially the architects, landscape architects, urban designers, and planners working in them. In the past few decades hundreds of design ideas for abandoned property have emerged. Some remain purely speculative, while others have been tested and implemented. Meanwhile, neither the…

exhibition dates: AUG 26 – OCT 13, 2019

Jill Desimini, Curator