Pairs 02

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December 2021

Harvard Design Magazine


“A terrible mechanism [is] on the march, its gears multiplying.” So begins the first essay…

By Mark Lee, Julie Cirelli, Jerold S. Kayden, Jennifer Bonner, K. Michael Hays, Michael Meredith, Edward Eigen, Mack Scogin, Max Kuo, Sharon Johnston, Maurice Cox, Rahul Mehrotra, Kersten Geers, David Van Severen, Sean Canty and Michael Van Valkenburgh

February 2021


Pairs 01

Pairs is a student-led journal at the Harvard GSD dedicated to…

February 2021

Harvard Design Magazine

No Sweat

This issue of Harvard Design Magazine is about the design of work and the work of design. “No Sweat” challenges designers…

December 2018

Studio Reports

Manila: Future Habitations

Manila’s extraordinary history—written, erased, and rewritten—has rendered a current condition that is one of extremes…

By David Rubin, Rok Oman, Spela Videcnik and Mohsen Mostafavi

September 2018


Platform 10: Live Feed

Platform is the Harvard University Graduate School of Design’s annual compendium of select student work,…

By Jon Lott and John May

November 2017

The Incidents

Architectural Ethnography

Architectural Ethnography Atelier Bow-Wow with K. Michael Hays When Yoshi Tsukamoto and Momoyo Kaijima…

By Momoyo Kaijima, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and K. Michael Hays

September 2017

Studio Reports

The Art Space

The studio addresses the relationship between art and architecture. The students developed monographic museums dedicated…

By Emanuel Christ and Christoph Gantenbein

May 2017

Other Titles

The Generic Sublime

The Generic Sublime: Organizational Models for Global Architecture recognizes the normative consistency across prevailing developmental forms…

By Ciro Najle

December 2016


Platform 9: Still Life

Platform is the Harvard University Graduate School of Design’s annual compendium of select student work,…

By Jennifer Bonner

November 2016

Other Titles

Ecological Urbanism

While climate change, sustainable architecture and green technologies have become increasingly topical issues, concerns regarding…

By Mohsen Mostafavi and Gareth Doherty

September 2016


Platform 8

Edited by Zaneta Hong Platform 8 catalogs a curated selection of work generated in the…

By Zaneta Hong

November 2015

The Incidents

Freedom of Use

Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal are known for an architecture that privileges inhabitants’ freedom and…

August 2015


Platform 7

This volume documents a selection of activities and events at the Harvard Graduate School of…

By Leire Asensio Villoria

November 2014

Other Titles

Projective Ecologies

Projective Ecologies takes stock of contemporary ecological research and speculates on potential paths forward for design.

By Chris Reed and Nina-Marie Lister

May 2014


Platform 6

The Harvard Graduate School of Design prides itself on the wide scope of its global…

By Rosetta S. Elkin

November 2013


Platform 5

The Harvard Graduate School of Design has always recognized the indispensable importance and values of…

By Mariana Ibanez

September 2012


Platform 4

The fourth volume of a series, Platform 4 is more than a catalog of courses.

September 2011


Platform 3

Platform 3 considers the expanded boundaries of the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. It…

September 2010

Other Titles

The Function of Form

Farshid Moussavi, edited with Michael Kubo, Garrick Ambrose, Ben Fortunato, Ryan R. Ludwig, Ahmadreza Schricker Following…

By Farshid Moussavi

October 2009


Platform 2

Platform 02 provides a sampling of the most salient research and design explorations undertaken at…

September 2009