Global Leadership in Real Estate and Design

Within the global constellation of increasingly connected urban centers, shifts in cultural preferences, design thinking, and spatial signification often reflect transitions in capital forces and economic realities. This spring 2014 course was constructed around the belief that globalization imposes unprecedented forces that directly impact the built environment. The pedagogical focus was twofold: to establish an intellectual framework to understand and embrace the interrelationship between real estate and design, so that design thinking becomes a value-adding and differentiating component in development; and to rethink, anticipate, and reinvent practice paradigms in an academic setting that respond to exigent and transformative environmental, market, and cultural changes.

Bing Wang
A. Eugene Kohn

Research Assistants
Yong K. Kim
Yunjie Li
Wei Lin
Zhuangzhuang Song
Man Su

Fabiana Alvear
Patrick Boateng II
Alessandro Boccacci
Matthew Ciccotti
Zhewen Dai
Stefan Di Leo<
Luis Gil
Dylan Lazovik
Chen Ling
Aaron Locke
Terry Lu
Jason McAlees
Christine Min
Frankie Refuerzo
Emmanuel Torres
Kyle Trulen
Brian Vargo
Han Wang
Heng Zhang

ISBN 978-1-934510-49-0

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