Pairs 02

Pairs 02 publication cover

The second issue of Pairs is an opportunity to refine the vision and concepts that shaped the journal’s inaugural issue in spring 2021. In Issue 02 the editors present a new collection of conversations with designers and thinkers from a range of perspectives and locations, generating a constellation of new ideas honed through careful editing. Although predicated on casual conversation, broad and deep insights on design nevertheless emerge: conservationist Terry Tempest Williams uses Aaron Siskind’s photographs of Utah to reconsider what she sees out her window, architect Jorge Silvetti reflects on his own atlas of references to expand what we think of as a Western canon of architecture, and bookmaker Irma Boom discusses how the Vergilius Vaticanus can help us reconsider contemporary book making conventions, among many other conversations

Pairs is a student-led journal at the Harvard GSD dedicated to conversations about design that are down to earth and unguarded. Each issue is conceptualized by an editorial team that proposes guests and objects to be in dialogue with one another. Pairs is non-thematic, meant instead for provisional thoughts and ideas in progress. Each issue seeks to organize a diversity of threads and concerns that are perceived to be relevant to our moment. Thus, Pairs creates a space for understanding and a greater degree of exchange, both between the design disciplines and with a larger public.

Pairs 02 features the voices of:
Emmanuel Admassu, Nicolás Delgado Alcega, Rashid bin Shabib, Irma Boom, Gareth Doherty, David Foster, Vladimir Gintoff, David Hartt, Sara Hendren, Kimberley Huggins, Jane Hutton, Sharon Johnston, Emma Lewis, Zachary Mollica Lyndon Neri, Elisa Ngan, Malkit Shoshan, Jorge Silvetti, Maxwell Smith-Holmes, John R. Stilgoe, Paola Sturla, Sumayya Vally, Terry Tempest Williams, Kyle Winston, and Kathryn Yusoff.

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Pairs 02 was edited by Nicolás Delgado Alcega (MArch II ‘20), Vladimir Gintoff (MArch I ‘21, MUP ‘21), Kimberley Huggins (MLA I ‘20) and Kyle Winston (MArch I ‘22) with the support of Dean Sarah M. Whiting and the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. 

Designed by Normal
Softcover, 256 pg, 6.30 x 8.66 in / 16 x 22 cm, $15.00
ISBN 978-1-934510-84-1

Published by the Harvard University Graduate School of Design and distributed by Harvard University Press.
Fall 2021

For more information, contact the Pairs editors at [email protected].