Investigation of materials, prototyping and testing, physical mock-ups and the application of new fabrication processes is integral to the design culture at the GSD.

In support of these pursuits the Fabrication Lab features a wide range of equipment, including:

  • CNC Routers, Milling, Cutting and Marking Machines
  • 3D Printers and Scanners
  • Laser Cutters
  • Wood- and Metal Shop Equipment
  • Associated Software

The Lab is structured as an open environment for material-based learning and research. A wide range of materials can be investigated, such as foam, wood, metals and plastics, composite and smart materials. Scale models and full-size prototypes are produced by students and faculty of all departments and all programs of study at the GSD.

The lab is managed by Rachel Vroman, Burton LeGeyt, Marco Martins, and Steve Spodaryk, fabrication/technology specialists. Iris Ayala provides administrative support. Additional technical support is provided by part-time technical assistants and a team of approximately 100 students. Together, they provide advice and assistance regarding all work that takes place in the lab, maintain an extensive arsenal of devices and machines, and monitor safety.

Visit the Fabrication Lab website for more details, including: