A–Z: Harvard University Graduate School of Design 2020

In A–Z: Harvard University Graduate School of Design, graduates from the Class of 2020 share drawings, renders, collages, illustrations, excerpts, abstracts, models, captions, diagrams, and vignettes representative of projects and research produced in their final year at the Harvard GSD. At its core this alphabetical record features a catalog of rich and varied student work from the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning and design, and design engineering, while photo interludes placed throughout lend insight into precedents and references that situate the work beyond the GSD. A–Z, itself an assemblage of voices from every corner of the School, offers fleeting glimpses into a diverse pedagogical culture driven by a community of designers committed to shaping the future of design through many perspectives and approaches.

A–Z is a publication produced for and distributed to members of each graduating class at the Harvard GSD. It is not available for retail sale.