Another Nature

When considering the “nature” of architecture today, isn’t it problematic to simply define it as an “artifact” or “artificial environment” that is conceived and constructed specifically for people?

From such a constrained point of view, we’ll find it impossible to resolve any of the widespread problems that face us. Instead, isn’t it necessary that we consider architecture from a broader perspective?

Rather than limiting our understanding of architecture as an environment for people, we need to foster an awareness of contemporary issues that incorporates all aspects of our surroundings.

Thinking beyond the scale and implications of the conventional artificial environments that we find in buildings, landscapes, and urban designs, in this studio we considered an expanded notion of architecture that meets the demands of today’s society.

Junya Ishigami

Teaching Associate
Sky Milner

Joon Hyuk Choe
Yun Fu
Jerome Hord
Emily Kappes
Gunho Kim
Quyen Luu
Matthew Montry
Kevin Murray
Patricia Semmler
Jiasi Tan
Chenyao Tang
Yuhui Xu

ISBN 978-1-934510-44-5

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