Computation as Design: Ron Resch and the New Media of Geometry

By Andrew Witt and Eliza Pertigkiozoglou

The second in the Studies in the Design Laboratory epub series produced by the Harvard GSD and the Canadian Centre for Architecture, this publication traces the development of complex computational geometry in the work of Ron Resch. Resch’s strikingly novel generative methods laid the seeds of computational origami, and during the early 1970’s he collaborated in the pioneering computer science department of the University of Utah, a hotbed of early computer graphics. Featuring interviews with Resch’s collaborators, excerpts from his remarkable films, and a consideration of the role of the architect in cross-disciplinary laboratories, this epub argues for Resch as one of the first true computational designers.

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Copublished with the Canadian Centre for Architecture, April 2019.

Design by Eric Hu and Matthew Tsang
Development by Daniel Hirunrusme