Residential Waterfront Borneo Sporenburg, Amsterdam

The Seventh Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design: Adriaan Geuze, West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture

Edited by Rodolfo Machado

From the introduction
“To talk about this project is easy, because the story of its making is so complex and the results (the public places, the houses, the feeling of civility in the air) so wonderfully rich. There is always something thoughtful and provocative to be said about Borneo Sporenburg. When one reads or hears about the vicissitudes of the project’s evolution–about the long approval processes and the large cast of characters–it all seems like an excellent piece of narrative, a great plot replete with subplots leading us to intense episodes of dramatic action. There is something for everyone in the story of these peninsulas.”

Available through Harvard University Press.

Harvard University Graduate School of Design