High-Rise, High-Density

This book is the result of the High-Rise, High-Density studio taught by Jonathan Sergison and Stephen Bates, Fall 2013. The studio required that students design a high-rise, multiple-dwelling building in Boston. The exact number of apartments and the introduction of other programmatic elements emerged through the site investigation undertaken by each student in a part of the city selected. Emphasis was placed on the need to consider the atmosphere of the building, how the building is entered from the street and its relationship to the wider city, how a believable and comfortable set of interior spaces is created, how volumes are expressed, and how the facade is composed.

John Dunlop Visiting Professors
Stephen Bates
Jonathan Sergison

Teaching Associates
Marina Aldrovandi
José Ramón Sierra y Gómez de León

Lauren Bordes
Jasper Campshure
Evan Cerilli
Zheng Cui
Olayinka Dosekun
Shaoliang Hua
Yatian Li
Mina Nishio
Seungho Park
Albert Wang
Jie Xie
Zhenhuan Xu
Bicen Yue

ISBN 978-1-934510-42-1

Available for purchase from the Frances Loeb Library and Amazon.com.