Common Frameworks: Rethinking the Developmental City in China

Common Frameworks: Rethinking the Developmental City in China (July 2016), edited by Christopher Lee

The dazzling scale and mesmerizing speed of China’s development in the early 21st century have unleashed a wave of new urban challenges. Vast territories in China are now dominated by the “developmental city”—the city conceived and built for excessive profit. Common Frameworks delves into three challenges posed by this urban phenomenon: The megaplot, the cross-border city, and the countryside. Showcasing design projects, research, and writings on culture, politics, and history, this volume proposes a new concept for the city in China.

With Mohsen Mostafavi, Simon Whittle, Peter G. Rowe, Rahul Mehrotra, Piper Gaubatz, Jianfei Zhu, and others.

Common Frameworks is the third title in the Harvard Design Studies series, produced in close collaboration with faculty and doctoral students. This series presents the diversity of rigorous and topical research carried out at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Edited by Christopher C. M. Lee
Designed by Sam de Groot

Softcover, 328 pages, 22.5 x 29.69 cm
ISBN 978-1-934510-53-7
Distributed by Harvard University Press