Common Frameworks: Rethinking the Developmental City in China, Part 2

Macau: Cross-Border City documents the second year of a three-year research and design study on the future of the Chinese city. A collection of essays and design conjectures, this report focuses on the city of Macau and particularly on the challenges faced by cities in city-regions and the effects of cross-border urbanization. Asserting that the tropes used to describe and understand the border and its architecture fall short, the studio projects present an alternative urban strategy, conceiving a common framework for the border and its supporting facilities. The critique reconceptualizes the inherent architecture and spatiality of the cross-border city, its implicit ambition to bring about a city that is plural and equitable. It sows the seed for an alternative idea of the city for China. 

Studio Instructor
Christopher C. M. Lee

Teaching Associate
Simon Whittle

Fabiana Alvear
Sung Joon Chae
Hao Chen
Yun Fu
Jing Guo
Navajeet KC
Yatian Li
Chen Hao Lin
Mina Nishio
Rae Pozdro
Josh Schecter
Ashley Takacs
Gabriel Tomasulo

Harvard GSD AECOM Project of China

This report was sponsored by the AECOM Fund for China Studios

ISBN: 978-1-934510-40-7