Common Frameworks: Rethinking the Developmental City in China, Part 3

Taiqian: The Countryside as a City is premised upon two fundamental ambitions: the recup­eration of an idea of the city as a project, and the pursuit of alternative forms of urbaniza­tion in response to the challenges posed by the developmental city in China. The former treats the project of the city as a cultural, political, and aesthetic act; the latter as a strategic project for urbanization, articulated through its architecture, landscape, and infrastructure. Research was focused on the transformation of China’s rural villages into towns. The studio defines the common framework as an architecture, landscape, and infrastructure that reifies the idea of the city as a space of coexistence.

Studio Instructor
Christopher C. M. Lee

Teaching Associate
Simon Whittle

Student Contributors
Radhya Adityavarman
Carly Augustine
Jyri Eskola
Siwei Gou
Shaoliang Hua
Nicolas Lee
Wilfred Leung
Alexandro Medina
Feng Shen
PG Smit
Dimitris Venizelos
Zhenhuan Xu
Bicen Yue

Harvard GSD AECOM Project of China

This report was sponsored by the AECOM Fund for China Studios

ISBN: 978-1-934510-52-0