Networked Urbanism: Design Thinking Initiatives for a Better Urban Life

Networked Urbanism was a series of studios in the Urban Planning and Design Department at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design that occurred between 2010 and 2014. Taught by Belinda Tato and Jose Luis Vallejo of Ecosistema Urbano, the studio aimed to bring network-design thinking to the forefront of design disciplines, and strove to solve real-world problems on the ground, providing an alternative to the traditional approach of designing urban environments from a bird’s-eye view and a single designer’s perspective. This book encompasses the results of many years of student research and hard work.

Jose Luis Vallejo
Belinda Tato

Kate Balug
Angela Clubb
Jennifer Corlett
Krystelle Denis
Irene Figueroa
Natalia Gaerlan
Jeffrey Goodman
Karyssa K. Halstead
Chen Huang
Christopher Johnson
Melissa A. Jones
Andrew P. Leonard
Lulu Li
Scott Liang
Hung Kai Liao
Joe Chun Zu Liao
Kevin J. Madden
Thomas McCourt
Jennifer Mills
Stacy Dee Morton
Kelly Murphy
Kathleen Onufer
James W. Perakis
Robert Pietrusko
Victoria Pineros
Claire V. Ricker
Khyati Saraf
Benjamin Scheerbarth
Jack Schonewolf
Lydia Scott
Soomin Shin
Mike Styczynski
Matthew Swaidan
Molly Turner
Josh Westerhold
Jean You
Hansley Yuñez
Ziyi Zhang

ISBN 978-1-934510-39-1

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