Harvard Design Press challenges, broadens, and advances the design disciplines, and advocates for the value and power of design in making a more resilient, just, and beautiful world. In pursuing new and original ideas on the research and practice of architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and urban design, the imprint reinforces and extends the Harvard GSD's reputation as the leading global authority on design's role in the most critical issues the world is facing today. From housing, climate change, and social equity to urban ecology, design engineering, and architecture history and theory, Harvard Design Press forges new lines of inquiry, engages established modes of thought, and publishes ideas with the potential to improve how we live as individuals, cities, societies, and cultures, and as one planet.

Harvard Design Press is organized and edited by Ken Stewart and Marielle Suba.

Editorial Board

Harvard Design Press is supported by an editorial board comprised of faculty members from the GSD as well as from allied disciplines in the Harvard community.

2022–2023 Editorial Board Members:

Martin Bechthold
Director of the Master in Design Engineering Program
Kumagai Professor of Architectural Technology

Anita Berrizbeitia
Professor of Landscape Architecture

Eve Blau
Adjunct Professor of the History and Theory of Urban Form and Design

Lizabeth Cohen
Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Department of History
Howard Mumford Jones Professor of American Studies

Patricio del Real
Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Department of the History of Art and Architecture
Associate Professor of History of Art and Architecture

Ed Eigen
Senior Lecturer in the History of Landscape Architecture

K. Michael Hays
Eliot Noyes Professor of Architectural Theory
Director of the Master in Design Studies Program

Niall Kirkwood
Professor of Landscape Architecture and Technology
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Mark Lee
Professor in Practice of Architecture
Chair of the Department of Architecture

Sarah Lewis
Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Department of the History of Art and Architecture
Associate Professor of History of Art and Architecture and African and African American Studies

John May
Associate Professor of Architecture

Rahul Mehrotra
John T. Dunlop Professor in Housing and Urbanization
Chair of the Department of Urban Planning and Design; Director of the Master of Architecture in Urban Design Degree Program; and Codirector of the Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Design Degree Program

Erika Naginski
Robert P. Hubbard Professor of Architectural History

Jacob Reidel
Assistant Professor in Practice of Architecture

Sarah M. Whiting
Dean and Josep Lluís Sert Professor of Architecture

Sara Zewde
Assistant Professor in Practice of Landscape Architecture

Submission Guidelines

Harvard Design Press encourages proposals from researchers and practitioners from across the design community. Please see the guidelines below or enclosed in this PDF.

To submit a project for publication consideration, please provide a proposal with the following information:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Name(s) of author or editor
  • Projected submission date for completed manuscript and final illustrations
  • Word count (including all front- and backmatter)
  • Illustration count (specify color and b+w) with permissions status
  • Book description
    What set of issues does the book plan to address? What is the book’s overall thesis in response to those issues?
  • Annotated table of contents
    List each component or chapter, including front- and backmatter, and provide a short description of content within each.
  • Sample content
    Share sample text from proposed project, including an introduction, sample chapters, and representative images with captions or labels. If manuscript is still in early stages, please send writing samples by author and contributors.
  • Audience
    Identify intended readership and suitable bookstores, shops, event pop-ups, or online retailers for the sale of the book. Identify any review media for which the book is a suitable candidate.
  • Competitive titles
    List published or forthcoming works that relate to the topics of your book. How does the book contribute to, differ from, or expand upon existing discourse?
  • Subject Areas and Keywords
    Identify subject areas and sub-areas from the Book Industry Study Group list of categories and subcategories that best describe the contents of your book.
  • Additional information
    Describe any previous courses, conferences, or other sources that inform the content of your book. Share any plans for related exhibitions, symposia, or other events. List any applicable sources of project sponsorship, funding, or endowment. Note any previously published components in any medium.

Please send the proposal as a PDF, along with relevant sample images and text, to [email protected]. Files may be submitted via email attachment or file-sharing platform, such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Books published by Harvard Design Press are distributed by the Harvard University Press. Authors of accepted proposals work closely with Harvard Design Press’s seasoned team of editors and designers to realize their proposals into books.

All proposals are treated with confidentiality, and any submitted ideas or materials submitted remain the intellectual property of the author.


Please direct any questions or comments related to Harvard Design Press to [email protected].