O(perating) S(ystem)1.1

A white wall displaying a variety of black silhouetted shapes.

Illumination is hard wired. Lighting networks require electric grids, digital chips, and insulated conduit. Material infrastructure allows for immaterial transmission. Illumination blurs a building’s boundaries, creating new thresholds and impossible contiguities.

OS1.1 harnesses the built infrastructure to extend our sensory registers. We have collaboratively designed an operating system: a lighting network linked by air. As mechanical wooden inputs are touched and turned, lighting outputs change and fluctuate. Manipulation of the physical apparatus directs sensory phenomena along new pathways.

OS1.1 has created many prototypes. Each iteration explores how spatial position, proprioceptive feedback, and temporal modulation shape our sense of personal and collective agency.

Alexia Asgari, MDes Mediums ’24
Danning Liang, MDes Mediums ’24
Selin Dursun, MDes Mediums ’24
Kai Zhang, MDes Mediums ’24
Quincy Kuang, MDes Mediums ’24
Skye Gao, MDes Mediums ’24

Instructor: Sarah Oppenheimer
TA: Claire Glass