Alpa Nawre (MLAUD ’11) speaks at European New Towns & Pilot Cities EAST workshop

GSD alumna Alpa Nawre was invited to present her research, “Monsoons: Managing Water in an Urbanizing India” on alternative urban paradigms for effective management of monsoons in India at the Euro-Asia Sustainable Towns (EAST) Workshop organized by European New Towns & Pilot Cities Platform (ENTP) and Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) on September 27, in Raipur, India.
According to Nawre “Through centuries, monsoons have annually visited the Indian sub-continent, influencing both the urban and rural contexts with their vagaries and inconsistencies. While the drama of the monsoons produces some of the most picturesque landscape changes, improper management of the same also causes both natural disasters like floods as well as induced catastrophes like diseases and droughts. Despite these annual disaster occurrences, contemporary urban design in the Indian sub-continent neglects to address the unique opportunities and constraints that monsoons bring with them.” Her work seeks out alternatives in rethinking cities for monsoonal landscapes.