Firm of Silvia Benedito selected as finalists for Bayern-Oil site development competition

Silvia Benedito, Lecturer in Landscape Architecture, and Alexander Häusler (MArchII ’04) have been selected as finalists for the Bayern-Oil site development competition in Ingolstadt, Germany.
The international competition sought proposals for the future development of a 75Ha-decommissioned oil refinery along the banks of the Danube in the city of Ingolstadt, Germany. The proposal sought to balance Bayern Oil’s desire for the site redevelopment, the city’s need for housing and public amenities, and the re-naturalization of the Danube’s banks as new grounds for play/sport activities, expanded habitat and flood control. The result is a new city-campus developed in five districts and new regional figures for living ecologies dedicated to mobility and hydrological restoration. 
The competition, organized by the Europan 11 in collaboration with the city of Ingolstadt and the Bayern-Oil, attracted 75 entries from which 8 were pre-selected. 
OFICINAA is Silvia Benedito (MAUD) and Alexander Häusler (March II ’04) with David Birge, Velania Cervino and Ivo Hermann.