Mark Gilbert (MArch ’90) named advisor to Vienna’s Advisory Council for Public Housing

Mark Gilbert, (MArch ’90) has recently been named Architectural Advisor to the City of Vienna’s Advisory Council for Public Housing.
This body is responsible for reviewing all planning submitted to Vienna’s program for subsidized housing; the council traces its roots back to “Red Vienna”, whose historically influential agenda for publicly assisted housing was inaugurated in 1922. Vienna’s public housing program is responsible for the planning and construction of 3,000-5,000 units per year, and it is anticipated that Mr. Gilbert will play a notable role in the continuing development of this important instrument for urban policy, which has a widely recognized tradition of architectural and social innovation.
Mark Gilbert, a US citizen living and practicing in Vienna since 1992, is a Managing Partner in the interdisciplinary Planning Practice trans_city-TC ZT GmbH, located in Vienna, Austria and is an adjunct lecturer in Theory and Design in the Department of Architectural Sciences of the Technical University of Vienna. 
He is a recipeint of a Graham Foundation Grant, in 2005, for the urban research project “Systems of Identity”, and the author of numerous books, essays and articles on architecture and urban theory.  His practice is active in Vienna and abroad, and is presently planning the construction of over 160 housing units, a primary school and three kindergartens, all within the city of Vienna.