MLA students and alums receive ASLA awards

Several Master of Landscape Architecture candidates are the recipients of the 2012 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Student Awards.
Hansol Kang, (MLA ’13) received an Award of Excellence for his project titled “Operative Platform.” This is a project which reimagines Willets Point by integrating plant nurseries into the urban setting to give structure to the development and facilitate the flow of water. The faculty advisor on the project was David Mah and the studio coordinator was Chris Reed. The core teaching team included Miho Mazerreeuw and Gary Hilderbrand.
Xiaoxuan Lu, (MLA ’12) won the ASLA Award of Excellence in analysis and planning for her project “Mining and Demining” in which she proposes a way to reimagine mining and bomb removal in Laos by making the most of resources on sites, and applying them in a positive way. Her thesis advisor was Pierre Belanger.
Chuhan Zhang (MLA ’13) has received an Honor Award in General Design for his project “The Flux City: Reframing Willets Point.” This project focuses on the restoration of saltwater wetlands in Willets Point to create a more biologically productive peninsula. The faculty advisor for the project was David Mah and the studio coordinator was Chris Reed.
Anna Cawrse (MLA ’12); Victor Perez Amado; (MAUD’14), and Michael Albert, (MLA ’13) have received an Honor Award in student collaboration for their project “Bayou Commons: A New Urban District on Houston’s Buffalo Bayou.” This project in collaboration with the University of Colorado Boulder, focuses on reimagining an area along Houston’s Buffalo Bayou by dually increasing the amount of public space and creating a vibrant place to live.
Nina Chase (MLA 12’) won an Honor Award in analysis in planning for her project titled “Slip District: Chicago’s Testing Ground for the Water Industry.” This project is based on the Chicago River and the implementation of new business that focus on freshwater management with the goal of enhancing water filtration technologies. Her studio instructor was Philip Enquist.
Melissa How (MLA ’12) won an Honor Award in analysis and planning for her project “Dismantle/Rebuild: A New Framework for Willets Point.” This project reimagines Willets Point in by remediating the problematic contamination with dense plantings and allowing the existing condition to run its natural course. Melissa’s studio critic was Miho Mazereeuw and her studio coordinator was Chris Reed.
Connie Migliazzo (MLA ’13), Kunkook Bae (MLA ’14) and Ellen Garrett, (MLA ’13) have won an Honor Award in general design for their project titled “The Digital Evolution of Warfare: Protocol for Landscape Manipulation.” This project transforms the Massachusetts Military Reservation into a valuable habitat and structure with potential for outdoor activities. Pierre Belanger was the studio coordinator for the project, and Niall Kirkwood was the studio section critic.
For more information, visit the ASLA website.