Alumni-Curated Gallery Publishes “Archive” of Design Biennial Boston

Michael Kubo (MArch ’06), Mark Pasnik (MDesS ’95) and Chris Grimley, curators of pinkcomma gallery, publish “Archive,” a book that catalogues fifty-seven projects of the nineteen Design Biennial Boston winners since 2008. It features an introduction from the curators as well as data on the business models and design practices of the firms featured. Observations from Kairos Shen of the BRA, Nader Tehrani (MAUD ’91) of MIT, and Amanda Reeser Lawrence (PhD ’07) of Northeastern position the work in relation to larger issues of the city, the discipline, and our locality.

Read more about the book and purchase online for $20.

It highlights work by the following GSD alumni and faculty:

Hansy Better Barraza (MAUD ’00)

Carla Ceruzzi (MArch ’07)

Rami el Samahy (MArch ’00)

Shauna Gillies-Smith (MAUD ’95)

John Hong (MArch ’96)

Eric Höweler

Chaewon Kim (MArch ’01)

Michael Kubo (MArch ’06)

Tiffany Lin (MArch ’04)

Matthew Littell (MArch ’97)

Tim Love (MArch ’89)

Wilson Martin (MLA ’04)

Michael Meredith (MArch ’00)

Ana Miljacki (PhD ’07)

Kiel Moe (MDesS ’03)

William O’Brien Jr. (MArch ’05)

Mark Oldham (MArch ’04)

Jinhee Park (MArch ’02)

Mark Pasnik (MDesS ’95)

Anthony J. Piermarini (MArch ’99)

Amanda Reeser Lawrence (PhD ’07)

Gretchen Schneider (MArch ’97)

Nader Tehrani (MAUD ’91)

Elizabeth Whittaker (MArch ’99)

Meejin Yoon (MAUD ’97)