Former GSD Dean Alan A. Altshuler retires, his career celebrated

After more than 20 years of service former GSD Dean Alan A. Altshuler retired in May 2013, and a celebration was held in his honor on June 7 at the Taubman Building.

Altshuler is a Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor and the Ruth and Frank Stanton Professor of Urban Policy and Planning at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and the Harvard Kennedy School. His teaching and research have focused on urban politics, planning, and public investment. His course, Urban Politics, Planning, and Development, was jointly offered by the Design and Kennedy Schools.

At Harvard, he has also served as dean of the Graduate School of Design, director of the Taubman Center for State and Local Government and the Rappaport Institute for Greater Boston, and academic dean of the Kennedy School. In addition, he was dean of NYU’s Graduate School of Public Administration, and Professor of Political Science and Urban Planning at MIT, and secretary of transportation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts from 1971 to 1975.

Though Altshuler is now retired from Harvard he is still involved with urban issues and research. His recent article in ACCESS titled “Equity as a Factor in Surface Transportation Politics” explores the “distinctive nature of equity debates in US surface transportation, with particular attention to congestion pricing and High Occupancy Toll lanes.” 

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