Designed experience: Allen Sayegh and Ingeborg Rocker curate Sophia Chang

Allen Sayegh (associate professor in practice of architectural technology) and Ingeborg Rocker (associate professor of architecture) have curated an interactive installation titled “Suspense: A womb with a view,” by recent GSD grad Sophia Chang. 

View of Suspense by Sophia Chang at Invivia

The exhibit at Invivia in Cambridge closes with a reception on October 2.

Chang, who received her MArch with distinction last spring, is an architectural designer whose work occupies the zone between art, media, and architecture. Her installation, an unexpected fabric space, blurs the boundaries between inside and outside and piques the viewer’s awareness of the body in space.

Attend the closing reception at Invivia at 1684 Mass. Ave. at 7 p.m.  

Contact the curators for more information or a private viewing.

View of Suspense by Sophia Chang at Invivia


Project Team:  

Timothy Carey
Paulis Austrins
Hyeyun Jung
Eliana Dotan
Claire Townley
Eri Yamagata

Photos: Anita Kan – [email protected]