Allen Sayegh, Svetlana Boym and Rem Koolhaas in Moscow Biennale

Several GSD faculty are participating in an exhibition for the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. “Off-Modern: Ruins of the Future,” one of the special projects of the Biennale, includes work by Allen Sayegh (associate professor in practice of architectural technology) and Rem Koolhaas (professor in practice of architecture and urban design). The exhibition is curated by Svetlana Boym (Curt Hugo Reisinger Professor of Slavic and Comparative Literatures at Harvard and a faculty associate of the GSD).

The theme is alternative histories, history’s dead ends, examined to open “unexplored lateral possibilities of modernity.” Koolhaas’s “Hermitage” is concerned with preservation, while Sayegh’s “Degrees of Melancholia” finds the interstices of digital and sensual, contemporary and primordial. Boym calls her photographs “Nostalgic Technologies,” images of conflicting digital and preindustrial modernities.

The exhibit runs through November 10. Learn more.

Image of “Degrees of Melancholia” courtesy of Allen Sayegh.