Eve Blau presents Mapping Hybrid Urban Conditions in Postsocialist Europe

Eve Blau presented “Mapping Hybrid Urban Conditions in Postsocialist Europe” at UC Berkeley on November 1 in the MAPPING AND ITS DISCONTENTS SYMPOSIUM. The symposium, which was part of the Global Urban Humanities Initiative, was supported by the Mellon Foundation and begged the question, “Is a map a mirror, a window, a weapon, or a work of art?” View the symposium schedule.

In association with the symposium, the Global Urban Humanities Initiative presented an on-line competition and exhibit of notable maps, which featured submissions by Héctor Tarrido-Picart (MLA & MAUD ’15) and Andreas Viglakis (MAUD ’14), both of which received notable distinction. View all twenty-three see-through maps the jury found intriguing and worthy of display.


Image courtesy Spatial Information Design Lab, GSAPP, Columbia University.