GSD and Bergamo University launch Smart[er] Citizens collaboration

As part of the Future of Cities research program of the Responsive Environments and Artifacts Lab, the Smart[er] Citizens collaboration between the GSD and Bergamo University has launched with a one-week design workshop in Bergamo, Italy.

Smart[er] Citizens addresses the emerging areas of Smart[er] Learning and Smart[er] Health, exploring theoretically and practically the new opportunities offered by innovative technologies for the redefinition of learning environments and the enhancement of healthcare systems. At the kick-off workshop, led by Allen Sayegh (associate professor in practice of architectural technology), Nashid Nabian (lecturer in urban planning and design) and Stefano Andreani (MDesS ’13), students from Bergamo University engaged with local stakeholders in the strategic analysis of the city of Bergamo, eventually highlighting key areas of investigation through design brainstorming sessions.

The kick-off workshop and the research activities that followed are the preliminary research phase for the Smart[er] Cities course being offered in the 2014 spring semester by Nabian.

More information about the initial workshop and the research program can be found here and here.